Destiny: The Taken King’s Raid Launches September 18th

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With only a couple short weeks remaining between fans and Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie has been in the news quite a bit lately, as they detail new gameplay and features through a series of livestreams. Tapping into these social media networks has also made sure that the game has remained in the forefront of everyone’s minds leading up to release as well.

Raids have become a core part of the Destiny experience for players, pitting a group of six against waves of stronger enemies, environmental puzzles, and an end boss that promises powerful loot upon defeat. While Destiny added new Raids post-launch including Crota’s End and the Vault of Glass, many fans were thrilled to hear that the upcoming King’s Fall would be Bungie’s biggest raid yet.

Unfortunately, Bungie recently announced a slight delay to the raid, pushing it out of the game’s launch window. With the final Taken King livestream wrapping up earlier today, Bungie surprised fans with a first look at the upcoming King’s Fall raid, and confirmed a launch date as well.

Taking place as a surprise reveal at the end of the Court of Oryx livestream, creative director Luke Smith appeared to apologize to fans for keeping new details under wraps for so long, promising more details were coming soon. The stream ended with a brand new teaser for the King’s Fall raid and the long awaited launch date of September 18, a mere three days after The Taken King‘s launch.

King’s Fall takes players deep within the new player space called The Dreadnaught, to take down the Hive god, Oryx. The storyline seemingly builds off the events of Crota’s End, in which players killed Oryx’s son, Crota. Positioning his ship off the rings of Saturn, the self appointed king seeks revenge on those that stand against him.

Additional details, such as minimum recommended levels, have not yet been revealed for King’s Fall, though Bungie does warn that players will want to obtain the best weapons and gear before attempting the new raid. Doing so will help influence the player’s newly revamped Light system, which is now just an average of their attack and defense ratings. Better weapons and gear will drive this number up, increasing the player’s overall damage output and defensive capabilities.

While King’s Fall is only the third raid for players to participate in, launch delays for the endgame activities are not uncommon for Destiny. The game’s first raid, Vault of Glass, missed Destiny’s original launch date by a week to allow additional tweaks and the player base to level up to the minimum recommended level of 26. On the other hand, the second raid, Crota’s End, managed to launch side-by-side with Destiny’s first expansion content, The Dark Below, but its hard mode version was delayed about a month

What do you guys think of the news? Are you ready to tackle Bungie’s biggest raid yet? Let us know below.

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Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bungie