Destiny: The Taken King's Final Raid Beaten in Seven Hours

Destiny : The Taken King Raid Beaten

The Taken King became available to play on September 15th, introducing players to plenty of new missions, Guardian subclasses, weapons, and armor. Whilst there's no shortage of great new content within the expansion, the real cream of the crop was the much-anticipated new raid called the King's Fall, which Bungie stated would be the largest Destiny raid fans will have ever seen.

Multiple teams of serious gamers vied to be the first to defeat Oryx and his minions, but when it came down to the wire, only one team managed to do this in seven hours. Bungie gave the team a nice shout-out to mark their accomplishment, and we figured we'd do the same.

While The Taken King came out several days ago, the King's Fall raid was only made available this Friday. This leaves the entire weekend open for gamers to plow through the raid and defeat the God-King Oryx, but it's evident that only one night will be required for teams who know how to work together and crush the raid efficiently.

In comparison, it took six hours for the first team to beat The Dark Below's raid, and only 37 minutes for someone to beat Vault of Glass. The latest expansion pack for Destiny, House of Wolves, didn't actually include a new raid for players to sweep through. Thankfully, it's apparent that The Taken King makes up for the apparent lack of raids with new content.

Here's the official statistics from the King's Fall, where you can see the team racked up just over 5,000 kills after duking it out with Oryx's minions:


The King's Fall raid features Guardians travelling to Oryx's dreadnought ship and fighting their way to the big boss himself, where an intense final showdown is set to begin (that is, more than 4 minutes of fighting). Bungie included a unique twist to King's Fall, but we'll let gamers discover that for themselves rather than spoiling the surprise.

According to Gothalion, a Twitch streamer who was on the team's roster, preparations for the raid involved over 50 hours of organization since the launch of The Taken King. That's a serious amount of dedication, but it looks like it paid off - everyone in that team will be in the Destiny history books. It was evidently a pretty tight competition, as another streamer named VersusTheStream finished with his squad a matter of minutes later.

The first bits of feedback for the King's Fall raid have been very positive, and we're excited to delve more into the raid ourselves. We'll post a guide on how to beat the raid shortly, so stay tuned to Game Rant.

Destiny: The Taken King is available right now for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

How you played any of The Taken King, Ranters? Do you think it's an expansion which lives up to the hype?

Source: Kotaku

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