Destiny: The Taken King Raid Armor Revealed

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The biggest Destiny content drop since launch is only days away, but dedicated fans are already uncovering some of the secrets of The Taken King by dipping into the game’s code. As you might imagine, the information that’s being dug up has some major spoilers for the expansion, particularly its new Raid.

Reddit user Ben826 shared these findings on the Destiny subreddit, having unearthed the information in the wake of yesterday’s update. We’ve seen plenty of other fans use similar techniques to gain a sneak peek at new weapons and gear in the past.

We already know that The Taken King centres around Oryx and his Dreadnaught, with the ship being the exact location for the new Raid set to be added to the game with this expansion. Now, we have a complete guide to the rewards players can expect to receive for besting the King’s Fall Raid.

The Raid armour set for King’s Fall is as follows:

Warlock set


Mouth of Ur

Harrowed Mouth of Ur


Chasm of Yuul

Harrowed Chasm of Yuul


Grasp of Eir

Harrowed Grasp of Eir


Path of Xol

Harrowed Path of Xol

Titan set


War Numen’s Crown

Harrowed War Numen’s Crown


War Numen’s Chest

Harrowed War Numen’s Chest


War Numen’s Fist

Harrowed War Numen’s Fist


War Numen’s Boots

Harrowed War Numen’s Boots

Hunter set


Darkhollow Mask

Harrowed Darkhollow Mask


Darkhollow Chiton

Harrowed Darkhollow Chiton


Darkhollow Grasps

Harrowed Darkhollow Grasps


Darkhollow Treads

Harrowed Darkhollow Treads

As you can see, each item is accompanied by a Harrowed variant with a different color scheme. At present, it’s not clear whether the distinction between the two is linked to the difficulty level that the Raid is completed at, or some other element of the King’s Fall Raid that we’re not aware of yet.

Destiny Update 2 Patch Notes

Looking more closely at the perks of individual pieces of equipment, we start to see references being made to specific King’s Fall mechanics. There’s mention of an aura, as well as relics — but the most interesting is a note about Guardians being ‘torn between dimensions’, probably as a result of the actions of Oryx.

This leak reiterates Bungie’s efforts to refresh Destiny with the release of The Taken King. The mechanics that are being hinted at suggest that lots of work has gone into making the King’s Fall Raid as engaging as any content to hit the game so far — and the rewards for completing it look great, too.

Destiny wasn’t the game that many were hoping it would be when it launched, but since then the experience has evolved a great deal. If The Taken King can live up to its potential, Bungie may well have completed one of the most impressive turnarounds in recent gaming history.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015.

Source: Reddit