How Destiny is Improving Quests With The Taken King

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With Destiny: The Taken King going live in a little more than two weeks, Guardians are undeniably bursting with anticipation to finally be able to take on Oryx and his fleet. Be it through Bungie’s live webcast focusing on the game’s new Rift multiplayer mode, or the studio’s Year 2 stream providing in-depth coverage on the DLC’s Dreadnaught strike, the developers have made sure that players of the popular action-RPG are up-to-date with all of the necessary details related to Destiny‘s upcoming expansion.

As it happens, by keeping fans in the loop, Bungie has even gone so far as to potentially alienate its community with the information that the highly anticipated King’s Fall raid’s release date will be delayed. Luckily, there will reportedly be more content to keep them occupied until the raid does launch a week or two later.

Over the weekend, fans of Bungie’s sci-fi MMO discovered that The Taken King‘s achievements were published online and revealed new quests. While the specifics regarding what kind of gameplay each one contains remains a mystery, long-time players should at least expect for them to fill in some of the gaps in the title’s overall narrative. Plus, according to Destiny: The Taken King‘s creative director Luke Smith, fans can look forward to new improvements to the questing system.

During GameSpot’s live stage show at PAX Prime 2015, Smith explained that Bungie made some missteps along the way with Destiny‘s questing system, as he admitted that the feature wasn’t everything that it could truly be. In order to compensate for the component’s lacking qualities, the creative director made it known that the studio has completely renovated it to ensure Guardians both old and new would would be more engaged with the game.

Destiny Taken King Guardians Jumping Screenshot

Regarding the questing system’s reconstruction, Smith says:

“The quest system; we overhauled the entirety of all the Destiny content into this thing that we call Questification. To talk about quests like they’re a new thing is sort of embarrassing. But what we’re trying to do is give players clear context for what they’re doing and why; clear rewards for what they’re going to get at the end of of it; and hope that gives them some thrust into the world.”

In continuation, Smith described some of the problematic issues encountered in Year One’s questing. He confessed that it simply wasn’t able to fully capture fans’ attentions or give them an idea of what to do next. The creative director says, “Hey, you finished a story campaign, now find your own fun. That’s sort of what we bumped into a little bit with the release of last year’s game.”

As previously reported, once The Taken King is officially available, various tasks will be reorganized underneath a menu tab labelled “Quests”. This way, every single story mission, bounty, and activity will be more easily located, as they will all be on one page.

Destiny Taken King Tower Quest improvements

Also, players will no longer have to delve into the menu screen to follow their quest and bounty progress, as they are now able to track them in the HUD with a push of a button on the D-pad. Not to mention, up to 16 bounties can be held at a time. And in one of the best bounty and quest changes, Guardians don’t have to return to the Tower to turn in the bounties upon being finished, as they can be completed from the Quest page menu.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s obvious that Bungie has put a lot of effort into making The Taken King a fresh experience for Destiny fans. Of course, the studio will only know for sure whether or not their work was worth it once gamers get their hands on a copy and come across all that the expansion has to offer.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot