Destiny: The Taken King Prologue Trailer – Prepare for a Showdown

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Bungie has a knack for creating games that threaten to completely consume the gaming news world, and they also know how to get their fans hyped for a new release. And so, with Destiny: The Taken King news emerging at a lightning-quick pace, it would be understandable if those following the series felt a bit overwhelmed.

Don’t worry, Destiny fans: Bungie has your back. Instead of more explanations about the new Destiny features Bungie has planned in The Taken King, the developer has decided to take a small break to show off their graphic and storytelling prowess instead.

Destiny: The Taken King‘s newest trailer released today, and shows the expansion’s main villain Oryx emerging from the shadows, beginning to amass his army of underlings. The trailer’s narrative talks about the hope the Destiny universe felt with the death of Crota, before it turns to dread at the realization that Oryx, Crota’s dad, is awake, angry, and coming for the Guardians who killed his son. The video ends with a shot of Oryx’s fleet, a multitude of diamond-shaped, menacing spaceships, and then fades to the Destiny: The Taken King logo accompanied by the game’s release date.

The new Destiny: The Taken King trailer is a sneak peek into the storyline of a game that has some big shoes to fill. Although Destiny has never been known for its narrative chops, the newest expansion looks to improve on some of the vagueness of the original storyline. Destiny: The Taken King will revolve around Oryx as he invades our solar system, using his god-like alien powers to corrupt other races and enslave them as his “Taken”. Players will eventually have to combat Oryx on his massive ship, the Dreadnaught, which promises to be some heart-pounding raid action.

Destiny Taken King Trailer 1

Beyond the story, Destiny: The Taken King has players excited about the many features it has to offer, which include the new Oryx-centric campaign, a new raid, several new strikes, new Guardian abilities, two new PvP modes, new enemies, loot, and abilities, and more. Of course, there will be some fundamental changes to gameplay as well. The most important change – and perhaps most welcome – will come to the much-maligned light-based leveling system, which will transition over to a more traditional experience based system in the coming expansion. Furthermore, those who want to avoid the light-based grind altogether should have the option, as Destiny: The Taken King will offer players a chance to boost their Guardians to the Year 1 level-cap.

Destiny players seem to be getting quite spoiled by all the news and updates regarding The Taken King. Does the trailer make you want to dive right into the expansion? Is Destiny‘s story finally finding its footing?

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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