Destiny: The Taken King Pre-Order Bonuses Include New Weapons & Shader

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Earlier this week, Bungie gave Destiny players their first peek at the new weapons for The Taken King expansion. Through a fairly substantial gallery, players were able to see some of the Destiny  in-game gun manufacturers new weapons, from the latest in hand cannons to the sleekest of rocket launchers.

However, although Bungie was willing to show off a few of the new Taken King weapons, they did not reveal how Destiny players would procure them. Most assume that the general loot drops will be the same, but Bungie has yet to confirm such assumptions.

What we do know is that players can unlock three new Destiny: The Taken King weapons if they pre-order the expansion at any retailer (not just GameStop like was previously rumored), as confirmed by Bungie earlier today. It doesn’t matter which version players invest in either, the vanilla version and the Collector’s Edition will both include three weapons, a shader, and an emblem.

The Destiny pre-order bonus is dubbed the ‘Suros Arsenal Pack’ and it will include the following:

  • SUROS Minimalist Shader
  • SUROS Fire Emblem
  • SUROS PRR-11 Auto Rifle
  • SUROS BNS-13 Pulse Rifle
  • SUROS WSC-17 Scout Rifle

While plenty of Destiny weapons err on the flashier side of things, the Suros brand has made a name for itself with a minimalist red and white, almost unibody design. At one point in time, the Suros Regime was the weapon of choice for many Destiny guardians, before Bungie decided to aggressively nerf the auto rifles.

However, with Destiny Update 2.0 said to boost auto rifles back up, it’s possible that the Suros Regime might reclaim its former glory. Something’s going to have to replace the likes of Thorn and Hawkmoon, which are sure to decrease in effectiveness post-patch.

Destiny Suros Arsenal Pack

Now, those players who don’t want to pre-order should not fret: Bungie promises that the Suros Arsenal Pack will eventually make its way into the regular loot table at the beginning of next year. After that players should be able to earn the new Suros weapons and the shader and emblem as regular drops.

But, if the plan is to pick up Destiny: The Taken King anyway, then there’s no greater incentive than to pre-order now and nab some extra weapons. Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of these weapons, which we assume will be Legendary, are going to be worth using long term, but fans of the Suros look are sure to enjoy them.

Have you already pre-ordered Destiny: The Taken King? Which version of the game did you pre-order?

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie