Destiny: The Taken King Showcases PlayStation Exclusive Strike & Gear

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Earlier this summer, Bungie announced a new partnership with Sony that would provide PlayStation owners some unique, exclusive content in Destiny. Additionally, Bungie revealed a special edition Destiny-themed PlayStation 4 console that’s set to arrive the same day as the upcoming expansion, The Taken King.

In preparation for the big release, Bungie livestreamed an unboxing of the new Destiny PlayStation 4, and showed off some of the exclusive in-game experiences and gear available only for those PlayStation owners who pick up The Taken King.

As the below video shows, Bungie kicked off the livestream with The Taken King trailer, then jumped right into the PlayStation 4 console unboxing. As we’ve shared previously, the special edition bundle comes with a white console that sports a gold galaxy map tattoo, and is accompanied by a sleek white controller.  As well, the core Destiny game and all three expansions, including The Taken King, come pre-installed on the console.

With the console unboxed, the three hosts took to their Destiny-themed PS4s to show off the PlayStation-exclusive Guardian gear and impressive new Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle coming to PS3 and PS4 next week with The Taken King. They also played a round of the new PlayStation-exclusive Strike, Echo Chamber.

It looks like Echo Chamber will present a challenge to Guardians who make their way through it. As the video shows, the easiest level is 36, which is just four levels below the new level cap of 40. As with previous Strikes in Destiny, players can expect Echo Chamber to offer increasing difficulties up to level 40 or 41, depending on how hard Bungie wants the Strike to be for Guardians.

Naturally, the trio donned their PlayStation-exclusive gear and loaded up their Jade Rabbit scout rifles before beginning the Strike. During the gameplay, DeeJ and company showed off the new weapon’s unique characteristics, including its sight, which highlights enemies in red when players aim at them. While that may seem like a simple feature, the livestream crew shows how it can come in handy as Guardians take on Vex in Echo Chamber and around the Destiny galaxy.

Destiny The Jade Rabbit Rifle

PlayStation Destiny players who are excited for the new Strike should be aware that the livestream shows the Strike in its entirety. So if any Guardians are hoping to experience the Echo Chamber fresh, they should avoid watching the livestream. Xbox gamers, on the other hand, can feel free to check out the Strike, since it will remain a PlayStation exclusive until at least fall 2016.

What did you think of Bungie’s livestream? Are you excited to try out the PlayStation-exclusive Echo Chamber Strike? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny – The Taken King releases on September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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