Destiny: The Taken King Screenshots Reveal New Weapon Designs

By | 1 year ago 

Want to know what the new weapons look like in Destiny’s upcoming expansion, The Taken King, but don’t want to wait for the September 15 release date? Don’t worry. Bungie’s got it covered. In today’s weekly Destiny update, the developer dropped a ton of information about The Taken King’s expanded arsenal – the largest armory update in Destiny history, including the game’s launch last year – as well as some of the lore behind it.

According to Commander Zavala, in-game Tower resident and Vanguard for Destiny’s Titan class, weapons used by Guardians (i.e. Destiny players) are the results of combining ancient lore with more recent scientific advances. In the world of Destiny, weapon production is strictly regulated; as a result, while there aren’t too many weapon Foundries, those that do exist are incredibly unique. As Zavala puts it, “Some [Foundries] are built on centuries-old traditions and tribal knowledge, others grew with new discoveries and rediscoveries, and each one has proven vital to our survival.”

This week’s Destiny update gives fans a better look at three distinct Foundries. The first, Häkke, uses the motto, “Functional. Reliable. Unapologetic,” and takes a utilitarian approach to weapon design: its weapons are “hammers, not scalpels,” and the base stats are tightly focused, without the dramatic spikes you’ll find fromother weapon manufacturers. Perks for Häkke weapons are based on offense and tactics; like the description says, “Häkke is not about exciting form, it is about exciting function.” Artists Jesse Van Dijk and Adrian Majkrzak are responsible for designing the Häkke arsenal.

Omolon weapons, on the other hand, are “experimental, bordering on irresponsible,” and are “a fusion of the mad scientist and product engineer of the new frontier.” Keeping with this philosophy, Omolon firearms ship with high handling stats, and talent grids favor behavioral perks, not stat customization. Omolon perk selections focus on “perks that are energy based and/or go beyond the weapon to interact with the wielder’s abilities or status.” The Omolon concept designs were created by Joseph Cross.

Finally, Suros is a Foundry that aims for “elegance amidst brutality.” Weapons are curved and aesthetically pleasing, while stat-wise, they’re geared for customization. As Sandbox Designer Jon Weisnewski says, “Suros believes in options – weapons that can be repurposed for a variety of combat situations.” As such, Suros talent grids have two columns of two stat perks each, with only one behavior perk in the middle that acts as a “focus point for the weapon’s core potential.” In short, players who want powerful, flexible weapons should go with the Joseph Cross-designed Suros line.

That’s not all. Factions and classes will get their own guns, and the above images don’t contain nearly all of the three Foundries’ offerings. After all, the weapons are one of Destiny’s main attractions, and Bungie would be doing players a disservice by revealing everything early. In Destiny, discovery is half the fun.

Source: Bungie