Destiny: The Taken King’s New Raid Features a Special ‘Twist’

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Much to the appreciation of virtual Guardians everywhere, Bungie is focusing all of its efforts on Destiny: The Taken King in order to improve the title for long-time players and newcomers alike, as well as ensure that the expansion’s release goes off without a hitch. As a matter of fact, Bungie’s ability to dominate social media with posts about the sci-fi MMO on their Twitch and Instagram accounts has led to even more awareness about the game, which means that the studio is at the very least confident about the quality of Destiny‘s forthcoming DLC.

During the first couple of Year 2 streams on Twitch for The Taken King, Bungie revealed tons of in-depth details about some of the content fans should expect when the expansion goes live this September. The studio’s initial Year 2 broadcast unveiled old exotics upgrades and double the vault space for Guardians’ gear, while the second one thus far took viewers on a comprehensive playthrough of the game’s new Dreadnaught Strike featuring “Shield Brothers” as its big baddies.

With so much fresh material on the horizon, and with the promise that the soon-to-be released DLC is double the size of previous add-ons, it should come as no surprise that Bungie has asserted The Taken King‘s new raid will be the biggest yet. Entitled King’s Fall, the studio has remained relatively quiet about the new raid in order to generate buzz. However, Destiny‘s creative director Luke Smith opened up a bit more about King’s Fall’s scope and some of its narrative elements in a recent interview with Game Informer.

According to The Taken King‘s creative director, King’s Fall will not only “objectively and emphatically” be the first-person shooter’s biggest one yet, but it also serves a major purpose in Destiny‘s overall story, especially since Oryx is the final boss. Regarding the topic, Smith goes on to say:

“We’re really excited about it, and we think it will raise the stakes again for what the raid team is asked to deliver next time. It’s big. The name King’s Fall is really like a shot across the bow in a game called The Taken King. That story of Oryx and his presence in our solar system is going to continue after the credits roll and we’re going to continue to tell you more about Oryx and his minions after you face them for the first time in the game. The raid is really the culmination of that story.”

While Destiny‘s plot, or perhaps lack thereof, is a contentious subject among the action-RPG’s supporters and non-fans, it will be interesting to see if the diegesis for The Taken King plays out well with both camps. Nevertheless, folks will have to wait until the DLC is finally available to experience it, because Smith has done little to clarify the story’s details.

Destiny Taken King Guardians Jumping Screenshot

However, players can rest assured that King’s Fall will offer some surprises. Yes, the raid does feature a Normal and a Hard mode – and this time Bungie planned out the Hard mode first and then worked backwards – but it also includes a special “twist.” Here’s Smith again:

“We developed Hard mode first this time, then scaled to Normal. And we have one more thing we’re not talking about yet that’s pretty special. It’s a twist I’m excited about.”

Next Wednesday, Bungie is set to deliver their final Twitch stream before The Taken King‘s release in the next couple of weeks. The broadcast will focus primarily on the expansion’s new Court of Oryx mode, but don’t be surprised if King’s Fall isn’t at least mentioned. Since it’s the last chance for truly extensive reportage that developers will have before Year 2 officially begins, Destiny fans should expect Bungie to pull out all the stops.

Destiny: The Taken King officially launches on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer (via GameSpot)