Destiny: Bungie Details Two New Multiplayer Modes in The Taken King

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The hype train for Destiny’s upcoming expansion, The Taken King, is roaring full steam ahead with a little under a month until release. Developer Bungie continues to whet gamer appetites by revealing exciting additions coming via The Taken King, along with some updates set for the core Destiny game, such as a new voice actor for Ghost.

Recently, Bungie ramped up anticipation for many Guardians by revealing eight new maps for Destiny’s PvP arena, Crucible. And of course, new maps wouldn’t be complete without fresh PvP game modes. At least that seems to be Bungie’s feeling, as they’ll be adding two new modes to Crucible, called Rift and Meyham.

In a video interview with GameInformer, The Taken King’s design lead, Lars Bakken, opens up about creating the new modes and provides Guardians a few details about the new Crucible modes.


Destiny Crucible Rift

In Rift, two teams of six Guardians battle each other for control of a spark in the center of the map. When a player nabs the spark, they need to quickly “dunk” it in the enemy’s rift, located in their base.

Rift takes on the complexion of a traditional capture the flag mode and adds a few twists that are sure to challenge players. For example, capture the flag modes in other games only reward players who are able to carry a flag all the way to the goal in an all or nothing fashion. Bungie would rather see players rewarded for their efforts, so they’ve incorporated a point system into Rift where players gain points for moving the spark toward the goal, even if they die before reaching the enemy rift.

Bungie is also adding a timer to the spark, which will explode if players hold it too long. Hopefully, this will keep players from grabbing the spark and hiding away from the enemy.


Destiny Crucible Mayhem

The other game mode is Mayhem, a 6v6 clash match on steroids. Player grenades, melee attacks, and supers all recharge more rapidly than normal. As one would expect, and the name explains, the added firepower combine to create a fast-paced, hectic game mode that’s sure to pump up Guardians’ adrenaline.

There’s little doubt Mayhem will become a favorite among Crucible’s elite, especially those gamers who have been requesting more explosive gameplay the Destiny’s PvP arena.

During the interview, Bakken shared Bungie’s vision for “putting the new game modes out there” for Destiny gamers to try and see how they respond. It’s possible Bungie will start Rift and Mayhem as temporary game modes, similar to Elimination in Trials of Osiris, and make them permanent if gamers respond positively.

What do you think about the new Crucible game modes coming in The Taken King? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Destiny – The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GameInformer