Destiny: King's Fall Raid Difficulty & Challenges Revealed


With less than a week to go before Destiny: The Taken King becomes officially available for Guardians, Bungie is understandably using this week to prepare players' respective hard drives for the massive expansion's arrival. Yesterday, the studio announced that there would be no daily or weekly events in anticipation of all the work required of developers to make sure that The Taken King's launch goes off without a hitch.

As many fans are aware, Update 2.0 and its patch notes released today – in fact, some players may still be downloading the rather hefty upgrade, for the PS4 and Xbox One versions carry roughly 20 GB worth of data – and as expected, there are plenty of modifications being made to Destiny. For starters, alterations have not only been made to features such as experience-based leveling in place of light levels, but also a big set of weapon balance changes is being implemented. Nevertheless, the previously mentioned amendments merely scratch the surface of what will be offered in Year Two.

After Bungie finished with its maintenance today, the studio released an updated UI for its companion app and main site that offer clues to the future of Destiny and its King's Fall raid. According to the screenshots posted below – with Vault of Glass shown for the sake of comparing the leap in the changes from Year One to Year Two – The Taken King's main fire-team quest is set at an (potentially) extremely challenging level 42 with multiple modifiers, and 5 loot checkpoints.


While the level 42 version of King's Fall appears to be the hard mode for the raid, it's possible that the normal version might be set at a level of 40, or even lower. At any rate, it seems as if there are two new raid bosses to be found in both Golgoroth and Warpriest, and if so, Guardians' fortitude will certainly be tested. In Cthulhu mythology, Golgoroth is considered to be a tentacled, toad-like creature, and the icon beside its name definitely resembles that description. It's also quite possible that he's one of the monsters shown off in The Taken King's cinematic trailer.

As The Taken King's creative director, Luke Smith, has previously put it, the difficulties won't necessarily be based on what level players are, but rather in sheer mechanical mettle. Plus, as the Court of Oryx details discussed a while back show, fans shouldn't expect any more bullet sponge bosses once the new expansion is available. There's also a pretty awesome raid ship waiting for those who can fell Oryx. See below:

Destiny Kings Fall Raid Ship

Although the above image  can give fans an idea of the tasks ahead of them aboard Oryx's Dreadnaught ship, it's impossible for the stats to convey the actual amount of fun had while playing. Hopefully, once gamers finally get to delve into The Taken King next week, they'll be satisfied with the results.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release next week on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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