Destiny: The Taken King Hard Mode of King’s Fall Raid Beat in One Hour

By | 12 months ago 

After having just been released, Destiny: The Taken King’s new hard mode for the game’s King’s Fall raid has been conquered in slightly more than an hour.

As of 10:00 AM PT this morning, Destiny: The Taken King‘s hard mode for the King’s Fall raid became available to Guardians everywhere. Now, after a little more than an hour’s effort, one clan known as Forever LivE has already gone on to beat the harder version of Destiny‘s aforementioned campaign, and is the first team to do so.

Bungie took notice of the skillful feat accomplished by the crew, and congratulated the players through its official Twitter handle. The tweet even displayed the stats from the run, and perhaps the most stunning piece of data is that the Forever LivE squad only experienced 7 deaths during the expert achievement. The rest of the statistics, such as the kills, k/d ratio, and assists are listed below in the studio’s message.

Yesterday, Destiny‘s lead designer Gavin Irby revealed that not only did the hard mode for the King’s Fall raid get more difficult, but there were also some fresh changes to the mechanics, which undoubtedly added one more level of intensity to Forever LivE’s performance. Not to mention, when the normal version of the raid was introduced, the first team to complete it needed around seven hours to defeat it, making for yet another reason to be impressed by the clan who took down Oryx today. Nevertheless, the Forever LivE squad likely spent a lot of time planning routes and practicing their maneuvers before showtime, giving them an extra bit of an edge on the clock.


Prior to the King’s Fall hard mode getting released, a lot of gamers put in comparably admirable triumphs in the standard iteration of the raid. For instance, during one campaign, Oryx was beat by only two players—one-third of the recommended Guardians needed to take down the big boss. However, one group’s undertaking that can be considered a similar, if not more spectacular victory than the Forever LivE clan’s, is the company of competitors who banded together to set a world record for defeating the raid in less than 35 minutes.

With so many proficient players out there in the Destiny universe, it’s only a matter of time before today’s success is bested. Perhaps the Forever LivE clan will be the ones to end up topping their own accolades with an even faster run whenever they get together again.

What do you think of Forever LivE’s achievement? Does it inspire you to join up with your strike team today and take on the hard mode of Destiny‘s King’s Fall raid? If so, how long do you think it’ll take your squad to complete it? Should you need some pointers before heading into battle, check out this handy guide’s tips for preparation.

Destiny: The Taken King is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie – Twitter (via Polygon)