Destiny: Red Bull Accidentally Confirms Next Expansion is ‘The Taken King’

By | 1 year ago 

Leaks are nothing new to the world of video games; we see them at least a few times a month. However, during the months of May and June – i.e. the months right before E3 kicks off – the leaks typically come a little heavier than any other. It’s for that reason that many gamers keep their eyes peeled to any and all potential leak sources, in the hopes of gleaning some extra info ahead of time.

Destiny players, for example, have found clues towards Bunge’s future expansion plans in the most unlikely of places: a Red Bull energy drink case. According to some literature on the case, Destiny’s next expansion will be called ‘The Taken King’.

Now, this isn’t the first time we have heard ‘The Taken King’ in connection with Destiny, but it’s the first those disparate dots have been connected. Most assumed that when Bungie trademarked The Taken King with a logo that they were revealing the next expansion’s name, but no one could be sure.

Red Bull, however, apparently has the inside track on Bungie’s plans and seemingly went to market with a tie-in a few weeks too early. Had they waited until after E3 2015, where Bungie and Activision are expected to announce the next phase of Destiny content, they would have been in the clear. Unfortunately, now it looks like some Red Bull marketing people have angry phone calls in their future.

'Destiny' - The Taken King

Admittedly, the Destiny expansion news is one of the worst kept secrets within Bungie’s community. Leaks regarding a potential expansion for 2015 date back as far as last year, when a Bungie slide show revealed the full Destiny two-year plan. Included in that plan was the release of Destiny, the two DLC packs that are currently available, a major expansion called Comet, and two DLC packs for Comet.

The only thing that seems to have changed from then to now is that Comet is now known as The Taken King. Moreover, it is strongly suggested that The Taken King expansion will see Destiny players once again facing off with a Hive menace, both in the story missions and the 6-player raid. It’s also rather likely that the new social space for Destiny: The Taken King will be a Hive Ship, much like House of Wolves added the Vestian Outpost on The Reef for House of Wolves.

As of right now, most expect that Bungie will announce their expansion plans during Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference. Bungie has an exclusive partnership with Sony for unique Destiny content, so it only makes sense that they make an announcement during their conference. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie started dropping hints regarding Destiny: The Taken King in the days leading up to E3 so as to let fans know to tune in. Heck, that may even encourage Destiny fans to try and attend one of the Sony Press Conference viewing parties.

Source: Reddit