Destiny: The Taken King Reveals New Exotic Gear & Weapons

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When it comes to Destiny there are many deviously cruel vendors. Back when Destiny was relatively new, the Cryptarch was the cruelest of them all, turning Legendary engrams into Rare gear, but now that title has shifted over to Xur, the game’s weekly exotic vendor.

That isn’t to say Xur is a bad vendor, but after months of visiting Destiny’s Tower with exotic wares, the Agent of the Nine’s stock has begun to lack variety. Veteran players still flock to Xur to see if he might have something new, like Gjallarhorn, but it’s rare now that he does.

That will soon change, however, when Xur’s exotic selection and loot table are bolstered by an influx of new gear with Destiny: The Taken King. Bungie’s highly anticipated expansion will add new gear to Xur’s potential weekly selection, and today Bungie has offered a small peak, via Instagram, of what those new items look like.

In total, Bungie revealed 6 new exotic items – 3 pieces of gear and 3 exotic weapons – most of which Destiny players have never seen before. In fact, only the Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle has been addressed in any sort of meaningful way.

Check out the 6 new exotic items below:

While the hype surrounding these exotic gear reveals was extremely high, most Destiny players came away somewhat disappointed by the armors’ abilities. Only the Sealed Ahamkara Grips, which add an additional melee charge to Hunters, seemed to get the fan base excited, while the Titan helmet and Warlock chest were cool in design but not necessarily very useful.

However, the Warlock chest’s Glimmer pick-up ability could suggest Bungie is looking to change things up with The Taken King. Where most gear in vanilla Destiny has been focused on combat perks, this is the first we’ve seen of a perk focused on currency or consumables. We know that the new Ghost shells will have perks that help with drops and earnings, but apparently gear will as well.

While the new Destiny exotic gear may have left something to be desired in terms of cool new perks, the exotic weapons did not disappoint. Yes, one of the three we already new about, but the other two – The Chaperone shotgun and the Telesto fusion rifle – feature cool perks and unique designs.

Destiny Xur Exotics Taken King

Although we obviously haven’t used either of the weapons, The Chaperone sounds like a shotgun that will come in handy during small team PvP experiences, like Trials of Osiris or Skirmish. Since shotguns are getting a nerf with Destiny Update 2.0, it’s very likely that those who want a guaranteed shotgun kill will need to use a weapon like The Chaperone to get the job done.

On the flip side, the Telesto takes what we traditionally think of as a fusion rifle and flips it on its head. According to the description, the Telesto will let players attach multiple fusion coils to separate enemies and detonate them at will. Or perhaps Destiny players can attach multiple coils to a single enemy for extra damage? Whatever the case may be, the Telesto’s sleek design has plenty of players excited, and we can’t wait to see how useful its key perk is.

All told, the Destiny weapon reveal worked as intended; it got the fan base excited and it further prepared them for the future in The Taken King. However, now that we’ve seen these weapons, expectations are going to be higher for Xur’s first appearances.

What do you think of the new Taken King exotic gear and weapons? Which is your personal favorite?

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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