Is this the Name of ‘Destiny’s Comet DLC?

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Fans of Bungie’s popular shooter Destiny are currently gearing up for the upcoming House of Wolves expansion. Releasing on May 19th, House of Wolves marks the end the game’s season pass, which to many, would seem to indicate that Bungie is ready to move on to future projects.

However, it was leaked four months ago that Bungie’s DLC plan for Destiny is potentially more ambitious than that, and almost certainly will extend beyond what’s included in the season pass. The first expansion to leak was named Comet, with the subtitle Plague of Darkness, and the unofficial, leaked timeline above shows that there are likely two more expansions to release after Comet as well.

The leaked materials suggest a few different things about Comet. It will reportedly include 12 new story missions, four new Strikes, one new Raid, six new Crucible maps, three new subclasses, and two new weapon types. That is a ton of content for an expansion, and it may suggest that Comet is actually much larger than The Dark Below or House of Wolves, and may not even be an “expansion” in the traditional sense.

Now there’s something else to consider in regards to Comet speculation, as Bungie has trademarked a logo for something called The Taken King. Has Comet: Plague of Darkness been renamed?

'Destiny' - The Taken King

It’s certainly possible that The Taken King is the new name for Comet, but there’s another possibility as well that seems more likely. It was announced that House of Wolves would not include a new Raid, with Bungie instead opting to replace the expansion’s Raid with a new co-op mode called Prison of Elders. However, they also promised that a new Raid would indeed be added to the game later on, but not with House of Wolves. Therefore, it is a distinct possibility that The Taken King is actually the name of the upcoming Raid.

That being said, The Taken King could honestly be any number of Destiny-related things. The logo doesn’t reveal much, though the symbol beneath the words seems to suggest that whatever it is, it is Hive-related. This is actually evidence in favor of The Taken King being the new name for Comet, or at least, being a part of the content coming along with Comet.

The reason being that the leaked materials seem to suggest that there will actually be a new social space added in Comet called the Hive Ship. If so, the Hive Ship would be the third social space in the game after the Tower and the upcoming Reef social space, which will debut in a couple of weeks alongside House of Wolves.

So, what exactly are Comet and The Taken King? Bungie is keeping tight-lipped on both fronts for now, but if Comet is really planned for a September 2015 release as the leaked materials suggest, then expect the expansion, the re-release, or mini-sequel – whatever it is – to be announced at this year’s E3 event. It wouldn’t be a far cry to assume that some information for The Taken King will pop up before E3 as well, so hopefully we won’t have to wait long to find out what it is.

Destiny is currently available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The House of Wolves expansion will be available on May 19th.

Source: NeoGAF