10 Important Things We Learned From the Destiny Year 2 Reveal

Destiny The Taken King Important Changes

It was quite the morning for Destiny players, as Bungie kicked off its Destiny: The Taken King reveal tour with a closer look at Year 2’s key changes. In an hour-long livestream, Bungie Community Manager Deej, Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy, and Senior Design Lead Tyson Green walked players through the Taken King’s Tower, which looks a lot like vanilla Destiny’s Tower.

But of course, the major changes are in the details, and there were a lot of them. So much so, in fact, that many players wouldn’t be blamed for missing a few. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the most important Destiny changes that were not necessarily big-ticket items.

Here are 10 important changes coming to Destiny in The Taken King:

Improving Bounties and Quests

Destiny Taken King - Bounties Quests

With 16 bounty slots available in The Taken King, Bungie wants to give players a lot of things to do in-game. There are also Quests (with their own journal) that feature more involved objectives, and their own sets of rewards. One Quest, for example, will unlock the new Guardian subclasses.

Players can track up to five quests/bounties at a time, and view their progress by pulling up the Ghost. Bounties have also been expanded to include tasks that are more common to the average Destiny experience, like kills with Solar weapons or taking out specific races of enemy. In other words, Bungie wants to move away from the ‘Go Here and Kill X Thing’ bounty.

Players can also turn in bounties from anywhere and earn the reputation immediately. No more trekking back and forth to The Tower to turn in single bounties.

Faction Allegiance

Instead of having to wear a specific Faction item every time a player wants to earn reputation for that group, they can now swear allegiance to a Faction and wear any class item. Better yet, earning reputation for a Faction doesn’t impact reputation gains with Vanguard or Crucible; you still earn rep with those groups as well.

The one caveat to that is players can only swear allegiance to one Faction per week, meaning they can’t switch from Future War Cult to Dead Orbit once they have earned a reward package. Still, it makes leveling up a Faction easier and it increases the chances of rewards.

Ghost Shells and Class Marks

Destiny Taken King Ghost Shell New

As we’ve previously detailed, Ghost Shells will now be a thing in Destiny: The Taken King. Ghost Shells will have rarity tiers just like armor and weapons, and they will also carry perks. Some of the basic perks included indicators for resources (Helium, Spinmetal, etc.) and the higher level ones included boosts for weapon leveling and glimmer drops. Ghosts also carry their own Intellect, Discipline, and Strength, as well as armor.

Class marks work similar to Ghost Shells in that they now feature perks and have armor and stat boosts as well. With the Destiny: The Taken King, these items will be less about aesthetics and more about utility.


Even though Bungie revealed that Year 1 legendaries wouldn’t upgrade with Destiny: The Taken King, they promised that those weapons would still be important in Year 2. We now know that these older weapons will be a part of a new feature called Infusion, wherein players “feed” their old weapons to new weapons and help them grow stronger. It might still be hard to say goodbye to that Fatebringer, but at the very least its death will benefit your new weapons.

New Armor and Weapon Perks

Destiny Taken King New Armor Perk

With an onslaught of new weapons and armor pieces, Destiny will also be adding a ton of new weapon and armor perks to the mix. We didn’t get to see too many, but it seems like Bungie is really leaning into giving players options in Year 2. For almost every armor piece or weapon there was a choice between two perks for several slots. For example, one armor piece had an option between a perk that boosted recovery for 5 seconds after taking solar damage or a perk that increased armor while using a solar subclass.

Vendor Terminals

Destiny Taken King Emblem Collection

For Emblems and Shaders, Destiny: The Taken King is adding Vendor terminals that will show players every item they have earned thus far. The terminals will also tell players how they can earn specific emblems/shaders that they don’t already have. The best part of these terminals, though, is that players can now use them to reacquire any shaders or emblems that they already own. So, rather than lug around all of their best emblems/shaders, players can simply stop by the terminal and pick up the one they want for a given scenario.

Lord Shaxx and His Rewards

Destiny Taken King Lord Shaxx Bounties

The Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx now has his own series of bounties, which if you complete all five will unlock an ‘Unknown Reward’. Bungie wouldn’t say what that reward could be, but they promised that it will be “Nightfall tier,” meaning it could be an exotic or unique legendary. Because many of the bounties and activities are PvE focused, Bungie wanted to give Destiny players who enjoy Crucible more to do in-game and made Lord Shaxx their go-to guy.

Shaxx and the Crucible Quartermaster also have their own sets of gear for players to buy as well.

Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks Turn into Legendary Marks

Bungie has unified Destiny’s core currency into one set of Marks called Legendary Marks. Like the old Marks, these new unified ones can be used to purchase any number of items, from weapons to armor to consumables, and players can only hold 200 at a time. However, unlike in Year 1, The Taken King players will not have a limit on Marks they can earn, as long as their wallet is not full. So, players can spend their Marks and then head back out to earn more.

Changes to the Cryptarch

Destiny Taken King Cryptarch Engrams

The Cryptarch doesn’t have too many changes, but the biggest is that he will now sell Legendary Engrams. These will cost players a substantial amount of Marks, but they are a guaranteed Legendary or Exotic level weapon/armor piece.

The Gunsmith Gets an Upgrade

Destiny Taken King Gunsmith Order

Destiny’s Gunsmith was largely overlooked in Year 1, but that will change in Year 2. Now, the Gunsmith has his own reputation and his own set of quests. Earning rank with the Gunsmith lets players purchase Armsday Orders, which are weapon unlocks that deliver once a week, on Wednesday. Once they hit a certain rank with the Gunsmith a player can request a Scout Rifle, for example, and that weapon will show up at the Gunsmith on the following Wednesday.

Players can also test out weapons via the Gunsmith and earn reputation. These are like weapon-specific bounties that ask players to complete specific objectives while using said weapon.

What do you think of these changes and additions? Which do you feel is a much-needed change and which do you think will hurt the Destiny experience?

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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