As any regular Game Rant reader probably knows, several writers are big fans of Bungie’s Destiny. For as much as we’ve written about the game’s faults, there’s still something truly special about the communal experience offered by Destiny that makes it hard not to keep coming back.

However, with the House of Wolves more than a month removed from its launch, we’re not afraid to turn our thoughts towards what’s next. More specifically, we took to the Activision booth at E3 2015 to see what Destiny: The Taken King has to offer, and whether it will meet the needs of the game’s rabid fan base.

Unfortunately, what we got a chance to play was fairly limited in scope. The demo was comprised of only a single story mission – one that was also truncated so as to only deliver the relevant story beats and give players a brief opportunity to mess around with the new subclasses for Destiny.

However, if the first mission of Destiny: The Taken King is anything like the full “major expansion,” then fans are likely in for a treat. Since launch, players have been looking for something that has a greater pull than simply the quest for better loot, and Taken King appears to have that appeal. This standalone content is not  about fulfilling some nebulous world-saving quest, or randomly battling bosses in the Prison of Elders, Destiny: The Taken King centers around a showdown with the series’ first big bad: Oryx.

The Coming War

The mission on offer for the Destiny demo was titled ‘The Coming War’ and saw players descending upon the moon of Phobos, where a disturbance has broken out within the ranks of the Mars-dwelling Cabal. As soon as players put boot to ground something feels off and as they descend through the Phobos installation they find weird distortions in reality. Think of them like rips in time, where dark blackness and flecks of starlight are peeking through.

Destiny Oryx Wings Boss

Eventually, players descend deep enough that Oryx finally decides to make his presence known. For now, Oryx is only a projection, but he is without question menacing, and more importantly he has a bone to pick with the Guardians. Oryx knows that the player has taken his son Crota down – see: the Crota’s End raid – and he is out for revenge.

After his brief reveal, Oryx then sends out his minions, the Taken, to give the player some trouble. As seen in the Destiny: The Taken King trailer, these Taken are essentially reskinned versions of original Destiny enemies, albeit with new attacks and slightly different animations. Psion’s can multiply if left unchecked for too long and the Cabal Centurion’s shields can shoot out energy blasts. There’s also a cool dissolve effect after defeating one of these enemies that’s unlike anything seen in Destiny thus far.

Fighting these enemies, including a mini-boss called the ‘Word of Oryx’, is fairly straight forward outside of learning to manage those new attacks, though. Aim for the head and try not to get overwhelmed. It’s also worth mentioning that we had one of each weapon type to work with, but none offered anything special in the way of perks. Bungie is likely saving the bigger weapon and armor related reveals for a later date.

What made the experience slightly unique, however, was getting to mess around with the new Destiny subclasses: the Sunbreaker Titan, the Nightstalker Hunter, and the Stormcaller Warlock…


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