Destiny: The Taken King Custom Trailer Spotlights Players’ Guardians

By | 1 year ago 

At long last, Destiny: The Taken King arrives tomorrow, and Guardians are undoubtedly preparing themselves for all of the changes to come. With tons of alterations, amendments, and improvements being made with the Update 2.0 patch, Bungie is intent on making sure the expansion’s launch day goes off without a hitch. Ever since developers officially announced the release of the new content, the studio has made sure that fans are aware of the game’s refinements by assaulting them with an onslaught of video, press releases, and advertisements about the DLC.

Whether it’s a live-action trailer, cinematically-styled footage, or recycled versions of gameplay that’s been released an innumerable amount of times, it’s obvious that Bungie has put an obscene amount of money into marketing the forthcoming add-on for Destiny. In anticipation for The Taken King‘s imminent release, the company has now put out yet another piece of publicity, but this time it puts the spotlight on the players themselves.

Entitled “The Legend of You”, the promotional website prompts gamers to head over to this link, enter their GamerTag or PSN name, and then select their Guardian. An algorithm within the page then creates a trailer built around players’ characters, listing an assortment of the achievements and feats that they have successfully completed. The video even dubs fans with illustrious titles inspired by their finest accomplishments.


The creation of this new marketing tool will assuredly help Bungie continue to dominate social media, as tons of Destiny fans will almost assuredly go on to post their personalized trailers to Facebook and Twitter. As a matter of fact, Reddit users have already been sharing a lot of their results on the action-RPG’s message board, relaying various exploits like Iron Banner experience and being the top 1% in Shank kills.

Responsive advertising for video games is not a new concept, as we’ve seen before with promos like Dying Light‘s interactive trailer, but Bungie’s latest effort is more of a conscious attempt at having gamers engage with the ad on a more personal level, which is equal parts invasive and innovative. Quite frankly, the studio has nailed the very essence of successful merchandising with this enterprise.


That is to say, the more information a company has about consumers, the easier it is for marketers to track and target them. And with campaigns like Bungie’s “The Legend of You” video becoming more and more prevalent, the practice of data collection gets even easier for ad companies when folks willingly offer up details about themselves without thought.

At any rate, once Destiny: The Taken King goes live, Guardians ought to be knee-deep in sci-fi goodness, blasting their way through Taken enemies in order to make their way to Oryx and stop his evil influence from taking over the solar system. Bearing that in mind, tons of businesses should know that when their employees turn in sick notices tomorrow morning, it’s only because they’re trying to save the universe through their PlayStations and Xboxes.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release tomorrow on September 15, 2015, for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny the Game (via Reddit, VG 24/7)