Destiny: The Taken King Introducing Changes To Bounties and Quests

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Destiny Taken King Quest HUD

After celebrating Bungie Day on July 7 by announcing rewards for Destiny veterans, Bungie provided fans with even more information on the game’s next expansion pack, The Taken King. With each update, The Taken King’s size and scope continues to grow, and while the expansion is still a couple of months off, fans are eagerly waiting for more details from the developer.

After previously announcing VIP rewards and item stat boosts, Bungie’s weekly update features Destiny’s creative director, Luke Smith, talking about some of the changes The Taken King is making to Destiny’s quest and bounty systems.

Smith confirms that the Destiny development team approached The Taken King with quests in mind, and much of the new content rests firmly on the foundations previously laid by Destiny’s exotic weapon quests. The team targeted quests because players enjoyed their multi-stepped progression, and the journeys those quest lines sent them on. At the end of an exotic weapon quest, players received rewards that they cared about, and many Guardians took satisfaction in earning the exotic loot. Smith says:

In many ways, these were the earliest tendrils of how we’d come to think about Quests in Destiny. Quests are an arrangement of activities and challenges that tell a story and represent a journey for the player…. The implementation of Quests and Bounties in Year One was a foundation, but it was clear to us and the community that it was an area for improvement, especially if we wanted to rely on questing even more in Year Two.

In an effort to spruce up existing content, Bungie will add a new progress section to the pause menu, allowing players to track both quests and bounties. Bungie will also increase the number of bounties that players can carry at one time. This new quests page will also be the home for player reputation information, which was previously shown on the inventory screen.

Destiny Taken King Quest Page

While Bungie continues to slowly tease the game’s new content, many fans are eager to know what else is going on with some of the bigger items in this expansion, including the new Raid. Thankfully, new details on The Taken King’s Raid recently surfaced on the Internet. Some of the new Raid’s concept art was released, giving players a look at what is presumed to be Oryx’s fortress, the Dreadnaught, which Bungie contends is Destiny’s biggest Raid yet. With little more than two months to go and Gamescom arriving in August, fans probably won’t have to wait very long for even more Taken King information.

How do you guys feel about the quest and bounty changes coming to The Taken King? What other changes are you hoping Bungie impliments in the months leading up to release?

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie