Destiny: The Taken King Achievements Reveal New Quests

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With less than three weeks to go before Destiny: The Taken King drops, fans of Bungie’s extremely popular action-RPG have been clamoring for as many details about the new content as possible in order to properly prepare their Guardians for battle. So far, the studio has shared tons of information about what players can expect, such as Year 2’s old exotics upgrades, as well as the introduction of eight fresh Crucible maps, and it’s safe for fans to presume even more news is on the way.

Not long ago, Bungie’s Creative Director, Luke Smith, divulged that Destiny‘s newest raid entitled King’s Fall is not only the largest one that the studio has created thus far, but it will also serve the story in a major way. Not to mention, the new raid supposedly has a juicy twist that he can’t discuss just yet. Fans will likely have to wait a little while longer to find out what the surprise is, be it through Bungie’s final Twitch stream coverage before The Taken King launches, or when they actually play the expansion themselves. However, much like with today’s latest developments, speculation is never out of the question.

Recently, the Xbox achievement tracking website known as True Achievements has posted a list of achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Destiny: The Taken King, which cumulatively adds up to a 250 Gamerscore. Plus, more interestingly, the list uncovers a few new quests as shown in the screenshots below.

While several of the achievements should come as no real revelation namely the Court of Oryx quest and the three linked to the game’s new Guardian sub-classes (Stormcaller, Sunbreaker, and Nightstalker) – it’s quite intriguing to wonder what the just revealed The Old Hunger quest, The Wolves of Mars quest, and the Echoes of Oryx quest will each have in store for players. Undoubtedly, the titles give some clues as to what kind of content fans can anticipate.

“Still Got Wolf Problems” is almost certainly a reference to the prior conflicts experienced in House of Wolves, so would-be Guardians will probably encounter some leftover Fallen enemies working for the now-dead Skolas. And “Second Wind” might be alluding to Oryx gathering up his strength for another assault after presumably being defeated. Nevertheless, this is only conjecture, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the quests will bring.

As previously reported, Bungie still has one Year 2 stream scheduled before The Taken King becomes available, so perhaps the studio will give fans a better idea of what the achievements consist of. Or maybe the developers will dominate social media once more and provide Destiny devotees with some insight as to the quests’ content.

What kind of stuff you believe the newly revealed Destiny: The Taken King quests might contain? Do you think the adventures will be better than the offerings of previous expansions like House of Wolves or The Dark Below?

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: True Achievements