Is Destiny Secretly Adding a Submachine Gun Weapon Class?


A submachine gun weapon class secretly appears in the Destiny companion app, sparking speculation that they might be added with the release of Rise of Iron.

With only 10 days until the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, fans appear to have a good handle on what the Year 3 expansion will include. A new crucible mode, new quests, new gear, and a new raid are some of the highlights of the Rise of Iron expansion, but it is mostly standard fare as far as new content is concern. But what if there were a few secrets that Bungie is holding back?

While most of the focus after the release of Update 2.4 was the new and obvious content added, like the exotic sidearm Trespasser, others have noticed a few additions that flew under the radar. One, in fact, could be a major piece of Destiny: Rise of Iron that Bungie has yet to talk about: submachine guns.

First evidence of submachine guns was spotted in the Destiny companion app, where players noticed a new ‘submachine gun’ weapon class at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, there isn’t any additional information included with the listing – hence the rampant speculation.


Now, it’s important to take all of this information with the knowledge that Bungie updates tend to include traces of content that was eventually scrapped. It’s why some data miners find exotic weapons and armor that never actually make it into the game. But for now, the Destiny fan base is operating with the hope that submachine guns will be a new weapon type added to the game.

As far as how submachine guns might work, speculation is vacillating between the primary weapon and secondary weapon categories. Both would be likely landing places for the weapon class, but it all depends on how exactly submachine guns work. If they are meant to be fast firing, low damage weapons then we could see them finding a place among primaries. However, if the weapon type is more about rapid fire, medium impact then submachine guns might be a secondary.

At this point, submachine guns are still a mystery, but their appearance in Destiny menus has drawn enough interest. There may only be a few days left until the launch of Rise of Iron, but there are still some events planned in the interim. In fact, there is an MLG event played for September 12th that may serve as the perfect place to unveil submachine guns. However, if the weapon class is real, we would expect Bungie at least tease the fan base before the 20th.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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