New 'Destiny' DLC Subclass & Raid Details Leaked?

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Well before Bungie unleashed Destiny onto the world they promised that this would be an experience that will continue to grow post-launch. Some of that growth involved weekly events like Queen's Wrath and Iron Banner, but DLC was thought to play a greater part in making Destiny a massive game.

So far, though, we haven't heard much from Bungie when it comes to DLC. Recent leaks have seemingly shown the developer's cards early, but they are continuing to play coy. They said that announcements are forthcoming, likely with regards to December's The Dark Below Expansion, but have kept quiet since. Still, that isn't stopping the rumor mill from turning.

Clever gamers have discovered quite a bit of content just from mining through Destiny's disc, and so far we seem to have a pretty good handle on what each expansion might offer. But, there is one question mark that still looms – one that up until now has been a rampant source of speculation.

We speak, of course, of the mysterious third subclass, which although it has a space in the character screen has yet to be confirmed by Bungie. Just this week, though, one Destiny insider claims to have information on the three new subclasses, as well as one of the new Raids.

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Before going into the subclasses it's important to point out that this information should be taken with a huge grain of salt. While some of it seems to make sense in terms of Destiny's world, there's no telling whether this is actually what the three subclasses will be. With that being said, here we go.

First up is the Titan, who is reportedly getting a new subclass called "Crusader." The Crusader's Super will let the player shoot a large horizontal beam of light from their chest, taking out any enemies in its wake. Upgrades for the Super are said to make the beam larger, shoot through walls, or shoot in front and behind the player. The three grenade options for the Crusader are said to be a triple grenade, a grenade that players can drop behind them while fleeing, and a melee deterrent grenade that explodes outward from the player when they are hit.

The Warlock's third subclass is supposedly called "Arc Thrower" and its Super spawns a giant orb of light that shoots lightning at nearby enemies. Upgrades to the Super apparently increase the orb's attack range, give it chain lightning, or spawn the orb further from the player. Grenade types for the Arc Thrower are an arc grenade that has a detonator, a grenade that gives the player health, and a fence grenade that creates an electric barricade around the player.

And finally there is "The Trapper," which is the new subclass for the Hunter. The Trapper's Super is reportedly called Void Well and it places a trap on the battlefield. While in the Void Well enemies can't jump and have reduced movement. When upgraded the Void Well can apparently reduce enemy movement completely, restrict opponent abilities, or increase the size of the Well. On the grenade front the Trapper has a void grenade that sticks to any surface, a bolas-type grenade that prevents players from jumping and slows their movement, and something called Caltrops that sounds like a bunch of devastating mini-grenades.

Overall, these new class options sound different enough that they should add new wrinkles to combat while also giving players new toys to mess around with. The fear was that if Bungie did introduce new classes that they wouldn't be different enough from the main two options, but that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, some of these subclass options actually sound more useful than those offered currently.

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In addition to rumored details on subclasses, this tipster also claims to have played the new Crota's End Raid that will reportedly ship with the House of Wolves DLC expansion next year. According to this tipster, the raid features "more enjoyable" boss fights than those in the Vault of Glass Raid and mixes up the gameplay with a sparrow chase sequence. Given that the first Destiny Raid is easily one of the best parts of the game we're not surprised to hear this Raid is on par, if not better, in quality.

And lastly, it appears that some of the new gear coming with the DLC will raise the level cap to 32, which is the recommended level for Hard on Crota's End. Rumored names and ratings for the armor pieces are out there thanks to some dedicated Reddit users.

Again, it's important to take all this info with a grain of salt, but given that players are already discovering on-disc DLC areas it isn't hard to believe these other details are out there. At this point, Bungie might as well come out and say what exactly gamers are paying for.

What do you think of the new subclass options? Are you looking forward to a new Raid?


Source: Reddit, Planet Destiny

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