Bungie reveals a brand new Twitch studio inside their offices and promise weekly streams to stay connected to fans, and to occasionally show off new content.

In Bungie’s weekly update posted on their blog, now called This Week at Bungie, the Destiny developer has shown off a new area inside their offices dedicated to livestreaming. Bungie has already proven that they can dominate Twitch with their reveals for Destiny, and the developer is committing to weekly streams for the foreseeable future, beginning next month.

It appears that Bungie is planning to pick up the frequency of its community events such as Bungie Bounties, while also bringing back features like Ride Alongs.

Our plan is to put on a show of some variety once every week. Most streams will be casual hangouts – Ride Alongs, Bungie Bounties, that sort of thing. Some will be game reveals. The cadence will help us keep in touch with you, and vice versa. We’ll introduce you to the people who make your games and delve into their creative process. We’ll expose you to new things we’re making. When we have nothing new to say, we’ll send Cozmo into a Raid with a special Bungie guest and a few Guardians who have never faced the final boss.

Bungie Bounties are events when a few game devs go into a PvP playlist for a certain amount of time, and reward any team who can beat them with an exclusive emblem. Ride Alongs are streams where a Bungie developer tours one of Destiny‘s locations with a fan (usually a content creator from the community), discussing some behind-the-scenes info about developing that location.

Bungie Twitch Studio

These weekly streams should help Bungie keep their community involved while they wait for new Destiny content. It should also bring some more transparency between the developer and fans, something that fans have felt has been lacking with goings-on over the past few months. Like, for example, the way Bungie implemented skill-based matchmaking without telling fans.

Bungie will begin streaming in March, and it appears that the first stream will be a Ride Along that features the Dreadnaught, the new location that was introduced with The Taken King expansion.

Bungie also teased that another stream may include a talk with “studio leadership” about “that roadmap.” That could be particularly interesting for Bungie, as it would be an opportunity to pull back the curtain on the recent leadership change announced earlier this month. For those who might not have heard, Pete Parsons became CEO after longtime Studio Head Harold Ryan stepped down.

The roadmap Bungie is referring to is the plan for new Destiny content in the near and slightly far flung future.  Last week, Bungie put the first details of that roadmap in motion by announcing a Destiny sequel for 2017, a large expansion later this year, as well as a significant game update in the spring.

While not all of Bungie’s streams will bring news or a look at future content, it should give Destiny fans something to watch and talk about.

What do you think of Bungie’s plans to stream Destiny events on a weekly basis? Will you tune in?

Source: Bungie