Next Destiny Stream Will Explore the Wrath of the Machine Raid


Bungie announces an upcoming live stream in its "Ride Along" series, featuring a developer walkthrough of Rise of Iron's new raid, Wrath of the Machine.

Destiny’s latest raid added in Rise of Iron, Wrath of the Machine, has very few secrets left to hide. The raid has been beaten on Normal and Heroic Modes, the insanely complicated ARG and exotic weapon quest has been solved, and the latest Challenge Mode has made its debut. So it seems like the natural time for Destiny’s developer Bungie to pull back the curtain a bit and show players the raid from the development side.

A new stream in Bungie’s ongoing “Ride Along” series will take place next week, as developers play through Wrath of the Machine and give some behind-the-scenes info. Bungie has some questions it’s ready to answer:

What were the inspirations for this new Raid? Who brought this experience to life? Why does Aksis teleport everywhere when we’re about to take him down? Does Bungie even play their own game?

The stream will take place next Wednesday; however, an exact time has yet to be announced. Fans can catch the Wrath of the Machine Ride Along on Bungie’s Twitch channel.


Though past streams have proven worth watching, newcomers should be aware that the Ride Along streams do not include any major announcements.  The can, however, be very interesting looks into the development, art, lore, and work that went into Destiny. Sometimes certain facts about the game’s vision can be revealed, like how Bungie had planned on making Destiny five to ten times the size than it actually ended up being. Or how one rock on the moon had a hidden inspiration that it had been cut in half by a giant Hive Knight (that fact was later added in as optional Ghost dialogue in The Taken King). For fans of the game, they are streams that are definitely worth checking out.

Bungie normally posts the video of the stream on YouTube within a week of the stream, and it can usually be found in the archive of the developer’s Twitch channel. So those who do miss the live version will be able to watch the ride along in full at a later date.

Until the stream on Wednesday, fans can play Iron Banner this week and try to get the god roll Clever Dragon. Moreover, Trials of Osiris will be back this weekend, and it will no longer be the Spooky version. Beyond that, Bungie has teased an update sometime in the winter that will bring the return of Sparrow Racing League.

Looking into 2017 is a mystery, however, and the roadmap of the game’s activities between now and a sequel still on track for release next year is still in the dark.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Bungie

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