Destiny fans are busy playing this week’s Nightfall strike again and again, in an effort to farm one of the new strike-specific loot drops added in the April Update.

The Destiny April Update added some new PvE content last month, including a revamped, “Takenified” version of the Winter’s Run strike that has been around since the launch of Destiny┬áin 2014. To go along with that, Bungie also made the new Winter’s Run strike the only source for one of the newest weapons added in the April Update.

Stolen Will is a new shotgun in the April Update that has a Taken skin on it, much like the Desolate Taken armor fans can get from opening Sterling Treasure boxes. But Stolen Will can only be acquired by playing the new Winter’s Run Strike, and it will be a drop from the final boss.

Before today, the only place to find the new version of the Winter’s Run strike was inside of the strike playlists, where it could only come up at random. Players on the hunt for Stolen Will would have to stay in the playlist hoping for the strike to be randomly selected, then hope that RNG and fate would be in their favor to let Stolen Will drop. If it didn’t, it was back to orbit and into another random strike.

Winter's Run April Update

But because the strike has been selected as this week’s Nightfall, fans can now play the strike over and over again, to try their luck at getting a Stolen Will to drop. Even if it does drop, like all Legendary weapons in Destiny, the perk rolls are random so not only are fans on the hunt for the weapon itself, but for a preferred version.

On top of that, strike-specific loot can now drop up to 335 Light, the new level cap. So even if players don’t get the perks they want on one drop of the weapon, it will serve as good “Infusion fuel” to bump up the Light level of another Special weapon.

The Stolen Will shotgun won’t suit every situation, but it’s high rate of fire and low damage make it an ideal option for PvE. Comparison-wise, the Stolen Will is a lot like the Dry Rot from Destiny Year 1, a shotgun that can pack a punch with the full auto perk on it. Best of luck to all those farmers out there. May your purple drops be plentiful.

Are you planning on farming the Nightfall strike in Destiny this week for the Stolen Will shotgun?