How to Get Destiny Stickers in iMessage

Bungie has released Destiny stickers for iMessage on iOS and Mac, including awesomely chibi-like versions of some of fans' favorite Destiny characters like the Cryptarch and Lord Saladin.But those unfamiliar with stickers or how to turn them on might have a hard time getting them working on their device. Follow these steps to start sending Cayde-6 thumbs up at will.

One note, as this is a feature exclusive to iMessage in iOS 10, these cannot be unlocked on Android devices.

Download or Update the Destiny Companion App

The first step is to ensure that the official Destiny Companion app has been downloaded and/or updated to its latest version. It can be found in the App Store. The stickers are enabled through the Destiny Companion app, and cannot be found through the App Store separate from the app.

Open Messages

Open Messages and click the App button next to the text field. That's the first icon to the left of the text bar that looks like an A made out of a paint brush, a pencil, and a ruler. Then, hit the icon of four ovals in the lower left of the screen. That will pull up active apps that are used in iMessage.

Go to the Messages Store

  1. Hit the Store (plus) icon.
  2. Go to the right-most option, "Manage," which shows all the available apps that can be added to iMessage.
  3. Scroll down and find Destiny, and flip it on.
  4. Exit out of that menu.

Go back to the App icon, and a Destiny logo should now be on the screen. Clicking one of the stickers will add it to iMessage like an image. Users can also long press on a sticker and drag it into the text field, leaving it stuck in random places. There are a number of stickers of different characters from Destiny, including Cayde-6 in a very Destiny 2-styled thumbs-up pose.

There's also an inside joke that long-time fans will recognize - a Warlock with glasses and a pipe sitting in an armchair next to a tiger (Destiny's original codename). This is a nod to community manager DeeJ, who mains a Warlock in Destiny. It is adorned with the armor DeeJ has worn for a long time and is a reference to the cheeky Bungie Community Theater videos that came out before Destiny was announced, in which DeeJ hinted vaguely at Destiny while talking in a British accent, sporting a pair of glasses and a pipe.

This is a fun way for Bungie to celebrate Destiny outside of the game itself. And they aren't the first to do it—just recently, Sony added Parappa the Rapper Stickers to iMessage as well.

Destiny is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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