Destiny Guide: How to Get Sterling Treasure Every Week


Every week, Destiny players can earn three Sterling Treasure boxes, which have a chance to drop new gear and other loot. Find out how to get all of them.

The Destiny April Update—cleverly dubbed "The Taken Spring" by fans—introduced a new consumable called Sterling Treasure. By opening Sterling Treasure boxes, Destiny players can earn the new Taken armor set as well as the Chroma-enabled Spektar armor.

While endless amounts of Sterling Treasure can be purchased via microtransactions through Eververse (for 200 Silver, or $2 US), Bungie is giving players three avenues to earn Sterling Treasure per week. Starting every Tuesday at 2 a.m. Pacific, be sure to complete these activities to get every free Sterling Treasure.

Visit the Postmaster

The first one is easy. At every weekly reset, the Postmaster will have one Sterling Treasure box for players. The glitch that prevented some players from getting Sterling Treasure from the Postmaster has been patched, so from now on everyone can sign in and get one Sterling Treasure without doing a thing.

Play one round of the Weekly Crucible Playlist

This playlist can be found on the front page of the Director screen. It's the farthest icon to the left. This week, the playlist is Inferno Rumble. Play one match, and regardless of if it's a win or a loss, a Sterling Treasure box will be awarded at the post-match reward screen.

Complete a match of Level 41 Prison of Elders

"The Taken Spring" update introduced a revamped Prison of Elders, adding a Level 41 standard 5-round mode as well as the Challenge of the Elders. By jumping into the Level 41 variant and completing it, players will be rewarded with another Sterling Treasure for the week.

It's a fairly easy mode, despite the higher level, and can be cleared in about 20 minutes or less. It's also a matchmade activity so solo players can jump in and earn their loot without worry.

Destiny April Update Hero Shot

That is all the free Sterling Treasure players can earn in a week. The possible rewards contained inside or numerous:

  • Desolate armor (Taken armor)
  • Spektar armor
  • House of Judgement, Crucible, and Vanguard reputation boosts
  • 2 ships
  • Chroma

Players are guaranteed a piece of armor (which drops at 3 Light, so players will need to use the new 1-for-1 Infusion system to get a piece up to snuff) in every pull from Sterling Treasure, along with an optional drop of reputation boosts, ships, or Chroma.

What has been your best drop from Sterling Treasure in Destiny? Sound off in the comments!

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