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The Destiny community is well known for its fun fan creations inspired by its universe, and whether it's physical items like the handmade Thorn pistol replica, or even video mashups such as a more recent one using in-game assets to recreate the upcoming Ghost and the Shell film's trailer, there's definitely a high level of skill and dedication required to make such creations happen. Now, yet another hardcore follower of Destiny has stepped up to contribute their own piece of fandom with a crossover video between the science fiction shooter and the Star Wars film franchise.

As seen in the YouTuber GriffinMcScooby's video below, the game's fan is calling the crossover clip "Destiny Wars," and makes sure to begin the mashup by parodying the introductory crawl seen at the beginning of every Star Wars movie that gives viewers a cursory rundown of the story's plot. Cheekily enough, GriffinMcScooby uses the intro to make note of the state of the game, how its latest Crucible patch has negatively impacted some fans, and how much of the community is up in arms about the changes to come in Bungie's proper sequel with Destiny 2.

After the opening crawl, GriffinMcScooby then delves into pure silliness, as most of the video centers around recorded in-game footage of Guardians wielding and battling with lightsabers, while also using various emotes to dance to a remixed version of the iconic jam from Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope's Cantina Band. Additionally, the YouTuber intersperses the clip with glimpses of characters from the science fiction movies themselves, ranging from Yoda to Han Solo and Anakin Skywalker to Obi Wan Kenobi.

While Griffin McScooby's Destiny and Star Wars crossover is certainly fun to watch, this isn't the first instance of a fan from the game's community using the title to make reference to the Disney-owned film franchise. As a matter of fact, just last year, one YouTuber by the name of Sam Goodey put together a recreation of The Force Awakens' official trailer with the help of Destiny assets.

According to Griffin McScooby, it took the YouTuber roughly 45 to 50 hours in total to edit the footage found above, which is definitely commendable considering all that gets packed into the Destiny and Star Wars mashup video. Taking all of this into consideration, if speculation of a PC version for Destiny 2 is true, then we will surely see even zanier pieces of fan-edited videos in the future, as mods will be usable in full force.

Destiny and its latest expansion are available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GriffinMcScooby – YouTube

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