Destiny Guide: How to Use Rise of Iron's New Items & Consumables


Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion introduces brand new items and consumables, and this guide explains what they are, what they do, and how to get them.

Destiny is a game that has been constantly evolving since it launched, adding new paths of of leveling up. Part of that involves currencies, materials, and items that help players access certain activities and open up new options for their character and gear. Destiny's newest expansion, Rise of Iron, is no different. Here is a guide to the items players will run across in their journey through Rise of Iron's content.

SIVA Offerings

When exploring the Plaguelands, players are sure to earn a few SIVA Offerings, the key to starting a round of the new Archon's Forge arena mode. SIVA Offerings can be found as a random drop by killing Devil Splicers in the Plaguelands, or one is guaranteed to drop per day by completing one of the new Quarantine Patrol missions. They can also drop within Archon's Forge itself.

There are three levels of SIVA Offerings: Fused, Enhanced, and Perfected. These will initiate Archon's Forge rounds of varying difficulty, and the recommended Light levels for the events are as follows: 320 for Fused Offerings, 340 for Enhanced Offerings, and 360 for Perfect Offerings.

Right now, there is no difference in rewards based on the tier of difficulty. Players have the same chance at the same rewards when playing, no matter what Offering is used. Only one Offering can be held at a time, so if another one is found, players will need to dismantle the one they currently have to pick up a new one.

Splicer Keys

Splicer Keys are also found by killing enemies in the Plaguelands, especially major yellow-bar enemies. These will unlock a number of laser grids that are blocking off certain areas of the Plaguelands. These also re-open the Archon's Forge after being killed and locked out of the current round.

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Splicer Intel Relays

Like Splicer Keys, these drop in the Plaguelands, especially from higher tiered, major enemies. To use it, head back through the Plaguelands to the old Cosmodrome. Go through the Divide and into the Wall where the original game began. The Intel Relay will unlock a laser grid to allow players onto the highway where the Fallen ketch now sits. Within that ketch lies a chest, that contains the first step of the Khvostov exotic quest.

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Keys unlock the Hoard Chests at the end of strikes, which drop strike specific loot. Game Rant has extensively covered where to find skeleton keys (within strikes themselves) and has even asked if the drop rate needs to be buffed.

Iron Lord's Legacy

An Iron Lord's Legacy is the key to picking up one of the new artifacts, like Memory of Radegast, that have unique abilities. To get an Iron Lord's Legacy, complete the quest "Artifacts of the Iron Lords" from Tyra Karn on Felwinter Peak. The quest refreshes weekly, allowing players to earn a new artifact. The quest can also be picked up on each character, so those running three characters can pick up to three artifacts every week.

SIVA Key Fragments and SIVA Cache Keys

These are items that are specific to the Wrath of the Machine raid, and one turns into the other. The primary function of SIVA Key Fragments is to re-roll the perks and stats on the raid armor, much like the Glass Needles item does for exotic armor. Alternatively, ten SIVA Key Fragments can be combined to create a SIVA Cache Key.

SIVA Cache Keys allow players to open one of three SIVA chests within the raid to gain an additional drop from each major boss encounter (Vosik, Siege Machine, Aksis). This is helpful for players looking for a specific raid weapon or armor piece that is specific to a certain chest within the raid.

Isenfyre Token

The Isenfyre Token drops from the final Wrath of the Machine raid boss, and can be used to grab a hidden Dormant SIVA Cluster on Felwinter Peak. Place it in the central bonfire in the Iron Temple social space, and watch as your Guardian is launched sky high.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Planet Destiny

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