'Destiny' Players Drive Sparrow All the Way Through Vault of Glass

Destiny Players Drive Sparrow Through Vault of Glass


Less than a week after we revealed our choices for the best Destiny feats we have ever seen, one group of Guardians has made strong case for their own inclusion. Not because the feat itself shows us something new about Destiny, but because it must have been a total pain to pull off.

As readers can see in the video above, Willis Gaming and his regular group of Destiny raiders decided to see if they could get a Sparrow all the way to Atheon in the Vault of Glass raid. That meant driving the Sparrow through several tense fights, navigating the Gorgon Maze, and even completing the jumping puzzle, all the while staying on-board or keeping the Sparrow active.

Since the Vault of Glass run is on normal, the fireteam is able to do most of the heavy lifting while keeping the Sparrow drivers out of trouble. That means guarding the Confluxes and taking down the Templar with only three players, while the other three keep their Sparrows up high and out of danger.

Things get interesting during the Gorgon Maze, but luckily the team has enough firepower – and Gjallarhorns – to clear out a few Gorgons rather than try to avoid them. However, getting to the Gorgon Maze resulted in some casualties, and with only one Sparrow left the team faced the extremely tough jumping puzzle.

Vault of Glass Raid Jumping Puzzle With Sparrow

Luckily, the Sparrow driver was able to make it by some miracle using the Tumblr Sparrow. And from then on out it was a piece of cake.

Well, not exactly a piece of cake, but the team’s collection of Gjallarhorn’s helped make the rest of the fight a cinch. The increased firepower also made it so the team needed only to survive one teleport before Atheon was defeated.

Overall, the feat itself is extremely impressive, but indicative of the types of mini objectives players set for themselves to try to squeeze a little extra entertainment out of Destiny. Sure, running the Vault of Glass is fun, but once you’ve accumulated all the worthwhile rewards – like the Vex Mythoclast, for example – there’s little incentive to go back.

Destiny Players Drive Sparrow Through Vault of Glass

Still, players like to find new ways to test themselves for their own amusement and that of their streamers. Getting a Sparrow through the entire raid was originally thought to be impossible, but this fireteam proved otherwise.

Where does this Destiny feat rank for you? Do you think someone could get a Sparrow through Crota’s End?

Source: WillisGaming

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