'Destiny' Trailer Shows Off Sparrow Tricks

Destiny Sparrow Tricks Trailer


Although there are still some problem areas that Bungie needs to (and likely will) address within Destiny's core gameplay experience, the developer has recently given players a fun little gift. Just this week, Bungie gave all Destiny Expansion Pass owners their very own legendary sparrow called the EV-30 Tumbler.

But while most sparrows are built for speed or durability, the EV-30 is built for acrobatic maneuvers. Yes, that means the Tumbler is perfect for sparrow tricks. Check out the EV-30 in action in the trailer above.

Of course, there's a lot more players can do with a legendary class sparrow beyond flip tricks and barrel rolls, but that's still a major selling point. According to Bungie, the Tumbler will be available to all Destiny players who purchase The Dark Below expansion, but it is releasing early for any who hold the Expansion Pass.

For those who may not have heard, The Dark Below adds one new strike (two for PlayStation gamers), one new Raid, one new raid, new story missions, and new weapons and gear. It's the type of additional content that gamers had hoped to see added to Destiny for free post-launch, but unfortunately new experiences don't come free. Technically, the Tumbler doesn't even come free since players have to purchase the Expansion Pass to unlock it.

Destiny Sparrow Tricks Trailer

Therein lies the biggest rub with Destny: Bungie struggles to improve their base game but has no problem releasing something like the Tumbler. Granted, the most recent update did add some much-needed tweaks and features to the game, but there is still plenty more that could be improved. The Vault of Glass raid, for example, has plenty of problem areas that need to be addressed, many of them during the final Atheon fight.

Moreover, said update had the unintended effect of nerfing a few exotic weapons, but Bungie has acknowledged the issue. Apparently, they will address the nerfs in a tomorrow's Weekly Update post, potentially either explaining why the weapons were nerfed revealing that another patch targeted at exotic weapon damage is on the way. We'll keep you posted.

For now, though, Expansion Pass owners can go out there and wow their friends with some flashy sparrow tricks.

What do you think of the Tumbler sparrow? Do you feel the base Destiny experience offers enough value that Bungie should now be charging for new items?


Source: Bungie

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