Following the PSX announcement that the Sparrow Racing League will be added to Destiny this week, Bungie releases more information on the rewards players can expect to earn.

Over the weekend, Bungie representatives were present at the PSX event in California to officially announce the Sparrow Racing League for Destiny. Now, we’re beginning to hear exactly what the activity will consist of ahead of its launch later on this week.

Destiny devotees might be forgiven for thinking that the league is solely a way to keep players entertained until the game’s next batch of content is ready to be unveiled. However, there’s more to it than that, as the rewards for taking part in the even seem to be intriguing enough to tempt any Guardian to give it a try.

Players will be able to earn class-agnostic armour, and there’s a chance that the gear that’s dropped post-game will be rated 320 — something that’s sure to attract plenty of players to try out the new mode. Offering enticing rewards is a great way of demonstrating that the league is more than just a sideshow.

However, there will also be some frivolous content aimed at players who have been waiting for more Sparrow hijinks. For one, it’ll be another opportunity for Guardians to get their hands on a vehicle with the Trick perk, previously only available via the Tumbler included with last year’s The Dark Below expansion.

Destiny Sparrow Racing Walk

Sparrows will also be able to honk at one another, a new piece of functionality for the vehicle. It’s not yet clear whether these honks will be stock, or whether a range will be available in a similar manner to the emotes recently added into the game.

We also know that a Racer’s Toolkit is set to be added into Destiny imminently, although it remains to be seen whether it’ll be a purchasable item or offered as a reward. The package contains a random legendary piece of equipment from an event-specific loot table, with the probability leaning towards gear not currently owned.

Sparrows are also set to be up for sale via the Eververse Trading Company. Players willing to part with some real-world currency will be able to exchange 500 silver for a random vehicle, which may give them an edge as they race head-to-head with other Guardians.

The Sparrow Racing League will be available to all owners of The Taken King starting tomorrow, December 8. The event is anticipated to last for three weeks.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: VG247