Bungie has officially brought Sparrow Racing to Destiny. Here are all the details you need to know to get the most gear (and fun) out of this three-week limited time event.

The Sparrow Racing League has officially kicked off its first season, the brand new¬†event of competitive Sparrow racing in Destiny. Here is a full guide to Destiny‘s new event, Sparrow Racing League.

Get Quests and Bounties from Amanda Holliday

Amanda Holliday, the shipwright vendor in the Tower’s hangar, is the host of this event. She can be heard talking during races, but she’s also the person to see to kick off entry into the Sparrow Racing League. First she will assign a quest line to get new licenses, starting at a C License and going to B, A, and finally S. Each quest tasks the player with different challenges, such as hitting 60 gates within a race or racking up overall wins or gates traveled through. Completing these quests provide the player with Sparrows and Sparrow Racing League Gear.

Sparrow Racing League Holliday

Holliday is also the player’s source of SRL bounties. She offers daily bounties and one weekly bounty. The weekly bounty is to complete 10 bounties. The daily bounties range from placing in the top 3 multiple times to getting through a race with an unscathed Sparrow. Turning these in will provide experience and rep with Holliday. Definitely make sure to pick up the daily bounties before starting to race.

Also, for some reason, the reset on her bounties happen an hour before the official daily reset at 1 a.m. Pacific.

Suit Up

Players who play Sparrow Racing League are rewarded with SRL armor, Sparrows, shaders, and horns. Yes, as of the December Update Sparrows now have horns, which range from air horn to antique horns. Horns can be used during a race to annoy opponents. Hit O (Circle) on PlayStation or B on Xbox to sound off. Horns come in two varieties, Legendary (purple) and Rare (blue). Like the masks from Festival of the Lost, Rare horns will disappear when the event ends unless players use the necessary materials to upgrade them to Legendary (obtained by dismantling Legendary horns).

Destiny Sparrow Racing Walk

Speaking of gear, most of it is cosmetic, void of any Light level and possessing perks directly related to Sparrow racing. The exception to this, however, are the helmets and class items. Those can actually drop up to 320 Light, and can be infused into other armor. The higher players rank up in SRL, the more likely 320 gear is to drop.


Bungie says that in Year Two Destiny will be getting events like Sparrow Racing League, as well as offer more mictrotransactions. Yesterday, Tess Everis’ inventory was restocked with new emotes. Specific to Sparrow Racing League, she is offering the Victory Wave emote, which will go away at the end of the event. Players can also buy the SRL Record Book, Vol. 1 for $10, which tracks their progress and best times and also gives exclusive rewards including armor, a sparrow, and an emblem. However, there is currently a bug that is allowing any player to get the rewards that are supposed to be exclusive to those who lay down the Silver. This record book will only be good for this event of SRL. If Bungie continues with this mode, players will need to buy another Record Book for that specific event.

SRL Log Book

Tess also has Sparrow Toolkits for $5 each, which will give players a random Legendary Sparrow, but is supposed to be weighted toward Sparrows that a player does not already own. Also available for $1 each is the Custom Horn Kit, which is guaranteed to give a Legendary Horn and has the possibility of dropping EV-43 Lightrunner Sparrow.

Get out there and race!

Players can enter Sparrow Racing League solo or in fireteams up to a full six, so it is possible to race completely with friends and without any randoms. There are two tracks, one on Mars and the other on Venus. The Mars track seems a lot more friendly to doing tricks, so if players have any bounties to complete requiring tricks, the Mars course is best. Venus is a much faster course with tighter turns. Also, look out for shortcuts that give an advantage in certain sections of the maps.

Sparrow Racing League Race

Most of the Sparrows that are earned during the event have identical stats, but some existing Sparrows may offer some players a slight advantage. The XVO Timebreaker, earned by defeating the Vault of Glass, has an overdrive boost that will send players soaring forward, but at the risk of blowing up completely. It’s the fastest Sparrow, but players must deal with the risk/reward. The EV-30 Tumbler is the perfect Sparrow for players who want to do tricks. Finally, the S-34 Ravensteel Sparrow is worth a look for players who earned it for being a Guardian in Year One. It has an improved breaking ability (by pressing R2 or Right Bumper) that is especially useful on the Venus course. For players who don’t have access to the Ravensteel, the EV-40 Snowscream, which is earned by completing the first quest from Amanda Holliday has near identical stats and the same breaking ability.

Do you have any tips for coming out on top in Destiny‘s new Sparrow Racing League? Share them below in the comments.