Destiny fans create leaderboards to track times achieved by players in the Sparrow Racing League event that was added into the game earlier this week.

This week saw Bungie introduce a new Destiny event, the Sparrow Racing League. Despite only going live yesterday, it seems that players have been quick to warm to the new activity, as a fan-created leaderboard project has already been created and is currently tracking times for all to see.

It seems that the way the game processes the winner of any given race is simply to record and compare track times for each competitor. Since this information is stored, it’s relatively easy for the stats to be extracted so the times can be fed into an online leaderboard. Here are the leaderboards for both tracks:

Destiny players have been waiting for Sparrow racing to be added into the game for a long time. The vehicles were a hit back when they were just a method of getting from A to B, but subsequent improvements, like the ability to do tricks, have made them all the more appealing as a gameplay component.

However, there’s always been an impetus for Guardians to test the limits of what’s possible with a Sparrow. One of the more memorable video clips to come from the Destiny community in its early days was the footage of a rider clearing the Hellmouth using their skills on the vehicle.

Of course, vehicular action has always been a major part of Bungie’s FPS sandbox. The Warthog was a major selling point for the Halo series, and multiplayer offerings like Rocket Race have long been popular with the studio’s hardcore fan base.

Jade Rabbit Sparrow

These leaderboards might also cover some of the weaknesses of the Sparrow Racing League in its current form. Some players have noted that two tracks is a little too few, but manoeuvring for leaderboard placement adds a time trial element that will keep competitive players engrossed with the new activity.

While the leaderboards will provide bragging rights, rewards are being offered in-game, too. Gear with a 320 rating is up for grabs, but it might take some time before you rack up the necessary reputation to get a chance of claiming it — no doubt a familiar feeling for many Destiny fans.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Sparrow Racing League event started yesterday, and will continue for three weeks.

Source: Reddit