With the new Sparrow Racing League, Bungie announced that players could earn 320 Light helmets and class items, but there is a specific way to do that. Here’s how.

Sparrow Racing League, Destiny‘s new multiplayer mode where players can competitively race their in-game personal transports against each other, has been around for just about a week now. Players are earning many different kinds of rewards by competing in Destiny‘s newest limited-time event, including shaders and gear. While full “racing suit” armor can drop throughout Sparrow Racing League, helmets and class items have a Light stat that can be up to 320 Light.

The way to get 320 items to drop? Players must reach Rank 3 in Sparrow Racing League. Before that, armor can drop around 290 Light at rank 1 and 300 light at rank 2, but it won’t be until players soar past Rank 3, that the highest Light gear will be achieved.

Many players want helmets and class items to drop at 320 even though their stats are related to Sparrow racing because they can be infused into any other Legendary or Exotic helmet or class item in the game. Plus, 320 Light drops can occur multiple times so Sparrow Racing League could become a good way to level up characters to the max Light level through infusion, depending on players’ luck.

Sparrow Racing League Race

There’s no trick to achieving Rank 3 in Sparrow Racing League. There’s no fast track to reach it–just play Sparrow Racing League and complete SRL quests and bounties. Placing higher in a race, especially in the top 3, will increase the amount of rep gained per race, so if possible players will want to win to speed up their race to Rank 3. The only thing that can give players a boost is the Sparrow Racing League class item, which increases the amount of rep gained. Here are some of our tips for Sparrow Racing League in general.

One reddit user has figured out that to reach Rank 3 takes 4500 rep. That translates to roughly 80 races plus getting all the bounties done and picking up the class item to get the extra rep boost. It should take about 8 hours of game time.

This is probably the same amount of time commitment required to get rewards in other events in Destiny like Iron Banner. It’s great that Bungie is honoring players’ commitment with the highest level gear. But why only helmets and class items? The assumption is that if Sparrow Racing League returns (which it probably will considering how well the Destiny community has taken to it), it will provide different gear with Light. The gear rotation is similar to how Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris works–players can only earn certain gear during certain editions of each event.

Sparrow Racing League runs until December 29.

Will you be putting in the time to reach Rank 3? Have you already reached it and gotten 320 Light gear?