Destiny: Where to Find Every Sparrow and Complete Age of Triumph Book

Jade Rabbit Sparrow

Destiny has always given players a long list of Sparrows to collect, but there hasn't always necessarily been a reason to. While the cosmetic style of Sparrows can vary widely, these personal motorized steeds have practically the same stats. But with the release of Age of Triumph, the massive record book to mark the end of Destiny tasks players with the "Slings and Sparrows" node, which requires 35 Sparrows to be collected.

Thanks to the hard work of a fan on the Destiny subreddit, a spreadsheet shows where to find every Sparrow in the game, for those looking for 35 or for completionists who want to collect them all.

1. Purchase from Vendors

Amanda Holliday, the Shipwright found in the Hanger, has a rotating stock of Sparrows available for purchase in exchange for Glimmer. For those who really want to fill out their entire collection, check back regularly for the blue, Rare quality Sparrows she sells. Some of them are ultra rare, with some of them appearing only once over the course of many months. For those trying to get the Age of Triumph node checked off, buy the white, Common Sparrows first because they are the cheapest.

If Glimmer is running low, try the Crucible or Vanguard Quartermasters. They have three Sparrows that can be purchased for 175 Legendary Marks each.

2. Upgrade Basic Sparrows

Ever wonder why Xur brings Emerald Coils, Plasma Drives, Stealth Drives, and Void Drives? They are used to upgrade blue, Rare Sparrows into Legendary Sparrows. The Sparrows in question are those picked up from the Crucible and Vanguard Quartermasters as mentioned above. And when they are upgraded, it counts as finding a new Sparrow. Those upgrading consumables from Xur cost 23 Strange Coins each.

3. Find as Raid Rewards

Each one of Destiny's raids grants a Sparrow at the last boss. While Vault of Glass and Crota's End have had Sparrows for some time, King's Fall and Wrath of the Machine sparrows were just recently added as part of the upgraded 390 Light versions of those raids. Getting these Sparrows are based on RNG, so finding them will require some luck.


4. Buy with Silver Dust

Got spare Silver Dust lying around? There are a number of Sparrows at the Silver Dust kiosk in the Tower, which were random drops when Sparrow Racing League was active in the game. But a selection of these Sparrows can be purchased for 20 Silver Dust.

5. Complete Quests

There are a number of quests that reward Sparrows. Many players have probably completed these by now, but if not, here are the ones to complete. And if they aren't active, check the Abandoned Quest kiosks. Here are the ones to look out for:

Check out the spreadsheet here for a complete and thorough list. But the steps above should help anyone add 35 Sparrows to their stable fairly quickly.

Destiny is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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