Bungie announces two new freelance playlists coming to Destiny next week, allowing lone wolf players to be matched up with other lone wolf types in a variety of mixed modes.

As the Destiny population prepares itself for the in-game Crimson Days holiday at the Tower, Bungie is introducing a number of new fixes and changes to the game in update 2.1.1 which hits alongside the festive event. One of the bigger additions is the new freelance playlist, which should make lone wolf Destiny players quite happy.

Inspired by feedback from solo players who weren’t so keen on the Rift game mode being chosen for the most recent Iron Banner event, Destiny is going to be getting new mixed mode playlists that restrict access to solo players not in a fireteam. According to Bungie, these playlists will be available sporadically on the weekly rotators in the game’s Director screen.

Destiny Freelance Guardians

The goal with these freelance modes is to help foster an even playing field for players. Everyone participating will be a stranger, so the likely hood of squads getting decimated by a well coordinated fireteam is reduced significantly. Freelance 6v6 will mix together Clash, Control, and Rift game modes while Freelance 3v3 will include Elimination, Salvage, and Skirmish. Bungie mentions that by making all of these modes available players will have a wider array of maps to to play on helping to provide a more diverse experience with less repetition from simply using traditional matchmaking.

The newly renamed “This Week At Bungie” contained a ton of information of players about upcoming changes, though the one thing many fans wanted more details on, namely upcoming content, was merely hinted at for next week. One of the bigger changes came for the smaller 3v3 playlists, as players will no longer spawn with special ammo readily available so they’ll have to rely on traditional special ammo spawns during the round. This change was made to reduce the number of sniper and shotgun kills at the start of the match.

In addition, Bungie is also fixing a number of troublesome glitches seen in the King’s Fall raid including an issue with the way the camera would move and snap back into place when players were claiming the Brands during the Daughters of Oryx fight. The other major fix comes during the Light-eater Ogre fight as pathing issues would sometime cause the ogres to teleport to the middle of the map, effectively ruining King’s Fall runs due to objects not staying where they were supposed to. Oddly enough, this major bug was reported over two months ago, and with a community already agitated over a lack of communication regarding future content plans, this may be a situation of too little, too late for Bungie.

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Source: Bungie Weekly Update