‘Destiny’ Players Can Solo Prison of Elders Mode

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In preparation for the upcoming Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, Bungie announced they would show off the DLC’s new game mode: Prison of Elders. That reveal happened today and provided a few details about the cooperative game mode as a few players live streamed their playthrough.

Early on in the stream, Bungie’s Community Manager, DeeJ, shared that it is possible for Destiny players to solo the new game mode if they so desire. However, doing so will definitely not be easy, as only the harder difficulties of the battle arena can be soloed, since Normal Mode will include automatic matchmaking.

We learned from the live stream that there will be four difficulties available in Prison of Elders. The easiest is set at level 28 and will include automatic matchmaking. While it seems players should be able to solo the 28 level difficulty, they’ll need to launch the game with two other players and request those players leave the game. The three harder versions of the battle arena, which come in levels 32, 34, and 35, will not include matchmaking, allowing players to launch the game mode solo. Those who wish not to run solo will need to create their own fireteam before entering the arena on higher levels.

Destiny - Trials of Osiris Teaser

DeeJ and his two arena partners showed off the level 28 difficulty version of the game mode in the live stream, and even with their characters ascended to the highest level available, the task wasn’t easy. Thus, we suspect it may be a while before players are able to successfully solo Prison of Elders, even on the easiest difficulties.

Of course, we should have greater faith in Destiny players, as they’ve shown they can be quite resourceful in soloing some of the game’s most difficult maps and enemies. In fact, it seemed near impossible for anyone to complete Crota’s End raid solo, even on Normal mode. However, some Destiny players not only beat Crota’s End on Normal, they did it on Hard and in an impressively quick time.

DeeJ commented in the live stream that succeeding in the most difficult version of the Prison of Elders battle arena, level 35, will require three-player teams to be at their best and to achieve the highest character level available in Destiny. Such a remark makes the challenge daunting for even a full fireteam, let alone a single player.

But with no official date set yet for Destiny‘s next expansion, and no new raid for players to conquer, we imagine there will be quite a few Guardians up for the challenge of beating all Prison of Elders difficulties alone.

Are you planning to attempt Prison of Elders solo? What did you think of today’s live stream? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Destiny‘s House of Wolves expansion is set to release May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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