Want to solo the formidable Oryx in Hard Mode? Check out this latest King’s Fall raid strategy, showing how to take down this Destiny boss without breaking a sweat.

Although Destiny expansion The Taken King has been out for some time, fans of the Bungie-developed MMO shooter are still finding reasons to play (other than to justify that initial expensive price tag). One of the main reasons to keep coming back to the additional content is to find new and improved ways to take out Oryx, the intimidating opponent of the King’s Fall raid.

Over time, many different Destiny players have taken up this challenge to tremendous end results. A group has already beaten Oryx in Hard Mode as a four-man team, showing off their impressive feat for the world to see. Meanwhile, another group of intrepid Destiny users decided to take Oryx down a peg or two, defeating this monstrous opponent without even firing a bullet.

Teams of players are not alone in taking up the challenge of Oryx, either. We’ve already seen a solo player single-handedly defeat Oryx in an incredible gameplay video. However, there had still been one challenge that had yet to be completed – a solo takedown of Oryx in Hard Mode. Thankfully, YouTube user Esoterickk has provided the gaming community with the solution to this problem, which can be seen in the video below. Read on to find out exactly how this user managed to take down this boss.

According to Esoterickk, there are two strategies that players can employ if they wish to beat Oryx in Hard Mode, and both of which are quite different from the way to beat it the old-fashioned way. One of these is the double Fusion Grenade strategy, which has been used very effectively in normal solo attempts to defeat Oryx. However, players can also make use of the Firebolt/Sleeper shot strategy, which allows the player to make it easier to group the Ogre stacks.

There are some definite differences between the Normal and Hard Mode solo attempts, and the primary change is the fact that players need to be as quick on the trigger as possible to kill Ogres and detonate bombs. Esoterickk discovered that the window to get bombs away is extremely small, due to the speed of the light-eater knights. Meanwhile, Ogres require additional Primary shots to take down, which makes it more difficult to use the Fusion Grenade strategy. In addition to this, ammo management a lot more tight than in the Normal mode version of the challenge.

Destiny April update Warlock

Esoterickk has suggested that the following are the requirements for the run:

335 Sleeper Simulant
333-335 Warlock
333-335 1000 Yard Stare with Triple Tap
Starfire Protocol Chest (for extra Special Ammo, and if you’re using the Fusion Grenade Strategy especially)
Increased Sniper Ammo Boots
Increased Sniper Reload Speed Gloves

Esoterickk sticks to the high ground for the start of the fight, taking out hordes of enemies from a distance. When Oryx spawns the light-eater Ogres, it’s once more important to keep a bit of space and chip away at their health from afar. Of course, players will need to watch out for additional ranged damage from Oryx himself.

Good knowledge of the timings and locations of the fight also appears to be essential; knowing when are where the Ogres will appear and when Oryx will be susceptible to damage are vital tidbits of knowledge. Meanwhile, the vessels or Oryx and corrupted lights may appear less intimidating than the Ogres, but the player will still need to keep moving to ensure that their attempt on this boss does not fall short.

Although Esoterickk appears to be in full control of the situation, particularly when the player is pulled into the Darkness Dimension for those tense and claustrophobic fights against the Shade of Oryx, it apparently took lots of practice. The user has stated that it took approximately 20-25 hours of work over the last week to perfect this run. It’s certainly a step up from the Normal mode of the King’s Fall raid.

Nonetheless, the user sticks to this strategy, and ends up coming out on top. It’s certainly impressive, perhaps on par with the user who managed to defeat Crota while blindfolded. The response within the Destiny community has also been positive, with many coming forward to congratulate Esoterickk on this terrific achievement.

Although some have felt that Destiny is steadily running out of content, there are still challenges here and there to keep players occupied. With Bungie still tweaking elements of the game, such as an improved drop rate for Iron Banner after April’s update went live, perhaps users can stay attached to the game for a while yet. At the very least, Bungie will want to keep players involved until the much-rumored next expansion pack launches later on in the year.

Destiny is out now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

Source: YouTube, Reddit