Destiny Player Solos First Two Parts of King's Fall Raid

destiny kings fall raid solo oryx

Destiny's Age of Triumph is currently taking players through an up-to-date greatest hits of the game, and part of this is a somewhat formidable 390 Light difficulty run of the King's Fall raid. So far, this has been proving a very fun challenge for users to take part it, but one user has been attempting to beat the raid solo - and at least having a modicum of success too.

Indeed, Reddit user Esoterickk has managed to solo the first two parts of this amped up Destiny raid,which is extremely impressive given the increased difficulty for Age of Triumph. To show off this feat of beating the entrance and the Tomb Ship jumping puzzle, Esoterickk not only took a video of the run, which can be seen below, but also shared a Destiny Tracker link proving that they were completing it alone.

According to Esoterickk, this solo run of the first two parts of the King's Fall raid took about five hours to complete overall. However, the Reddit user believes that this is the final part of the raid that will now be possible solo, due to tweaks made to the raid by Bungie, and Esoterickk believes that the only way to stun Oryx solo is with Celestial Nighthawk. Given that Esoterickk had to follow a very specific strategy to even reach this point, that may well be the case.

The original King's Fall raid proved to be the perfect place for Destiny players to test out self-imposed challenges the first time around. Indeed, it wasn't long before gamers were able to casually solo Oryx in hard mode in the King's Fall raid. However, it appears as though the Age of Triumph update has brought back that same formidable feel for players that the raid originally held, prompting one user to even create a hilarious King's Fall raid bingo card.

Esoterickk has had a little more success with some of the other beefed-up raids that have come with Age of Triumph. Indeed, the gamer has managed to take down the Vault of Glass raid at the new light level, and even managed to complete the Templar Challenge at the same time.

There are, of course, still some challenges to complete, but Esoterickk has put a marker down for the next solo 390 challenge, stating that soloing the entrance of Wrath of the Machine may be next. However, no doubt the user will spur on other Destiny players to try and follow up with solo successes of their own.

Source: Reddit

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