‘Destiny’ Player Solos Crota’s End Without Using Heavy Weapons

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Destiny fans are all now very aware of the fact that the game’s second expansion, House of Wolves, will be launching without a new raid. While that surely saddens many, the DLC’s new cooperative game mode, Prison of Elders, will be a unique and enjoyable addition that should help tide Destiny players over until the next raid is released.

The pain of no new raid would probably be lessened if Bungie decided to add an extra difficulty level to Destiny‘s two current raids, but the developer revealed that no such additions will be coming. That doesn’t seem to be stopping some Destiny players, though, as many continue to find interesting and unique ways to complete the two current raids, Vault of Glass and Crota’s End.

One of these players, who goes by h4zd_ on Reddit and as Hazed on YouTube, recently completed Destiny‘s second raid, Crota’s End, without the aid of Heavy Weapons. The video above shows the methods Hazed used to accomplish this feat.

Those who have completed Crota’s End will surely be impressed with this performance, as they’ll have a good idea how difficult the raid can be. Granted, it looks like Hazed completed the task on Normal mode, but that shouldn’t downplay the remarkable feat in any way.

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We’ll admit that we’ve seen many Destiny players push through the first few stages of Crota’s End raid without Heavy Weapons. Where Hazed really shines is with Crota himself. The raid boss is a challenge for a whole team of six players, and is incredibly difficult for solo players who use Destiny‘s famous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher to aid their efforts. However, Hazed used none of these tactics, but instead opted for primary weapons and grenades.

We’ll point out that Hazed used the Hunter class, meaning the player could use the class’s Golden Gun ability when making Crota kneel. As the video above shows, that was hugely helpful. Once the Golden Gun’s ammo was depleted, Hazed followed up with a few shots from the game’s popular hand cannon, Thorn, and a grenade before slashing at Crota with the death-dealing sword.

Now that Hazed has set the bar for completing Crota’s End raid without Heavy Weapons, we’ll be interested to see other players attempt to do so with the Titan and Warlock classes.

What did you think about Hazed beating Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid without Heavy Weapons? Are you planning to give it a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reddit, YouTube