'Destiny' Player Solos Section of Crota's End Raid

Destiny Player Solos Crotas End


Although it may have taken the first clan close to 12 hours to complete the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny it wasn't long before players were racing through the endgame content. In fact, some players got so good at tackling Atheon that they could do it with just a 3-player team.

With Destiny's second raid, Crota's End, having only just released we wouldn't expect too many major secrets to surface so soon. And yet some players are already finding ways to make it through full sections of Crota's End without a teammate. See the video above for proof.

While we've already detailed how to obtain the first chest in Crota's End without a 6-player team, the Destiny raider in the video above passes an entire section by himself. Granted, it takes upwards of 18 minutes to do so (it's hard to tell because the footage is sped up), but the feat itself is impressive nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Hunter and Titan players, it appears the strategy is most effective with Warlocks using the Sunsinger subclass. That's because the Sunsinger can trigger specific scenarios by feigning death and then resurrecting right before the section restarts. It's a strategy that's been used before to bypass restrictions, like the Atheon fight in the Vault of Glass, and has once again found new utility. In the case of this video, though, it doesn't necessarily seem like it matters what class the player uses, as long as they have an Icebreaker sniper rifle.

Destiny Player Solos Crotas End

As far as the strategy is concerned it seems pretty simple. The player activates the bridge building pad in the center to start the sequence, takes cover up high, and then snipes enemies from across the way. They start first with the Thralls, then the Wizards, and eventually the Ogres. Killing the Ogres is what triggers completion of the section and lets the team, or in this case the player, move on.

Obviously, this 1-player strategy is unlikely to last too long under Bungie's watch - kind of like pushing the Templar off the edge - but for now it appears Sunsinger Warlocks are capable of completing this section solo. However, once those players get past the bridge-building they will have to bring a full team along. The final two sections of Crota's End are by no means cake-walks, especially the final showdown with Crota. For that section, players will need a stocked team with (ideally) at least one level 31 player.

Have you found success in the Crota's End raid? What are your overall impressions of the experience?


Source: Polygon

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