Destiny Player Solos Crota's End on Hard Difficulty

Destiny Update Removes Crotas End Exploits


We thought it couldn’t be done, and yet the video above proves it can. One Destiny player has done the seemingly impossible, and beat the entire Crota’s End raid in Destiny on the highest difficulty and without a single teammate.

While plenty of players have been able to solo Crota’s End on normal difficulty, many thought doing it on hard was impossible. Sure, some had got as far as the Deathsinger, but doing enough DPS (damage per second) on Crota while also attacking him with the sword proved a tall order.

Somehow, though, at least one Destiny player has developed a strategy that works for taking Crota down on hard. More impressive than that, they completed the entire feat in about half an hour.

Video of the solo raid comes courtesy of The Legend Himself, who has built a reputation in the Destiny community for impressive, player-limited raid runs. He’s the same player who submitted the three-manning Atheon video and recently took down Crota on hard with two players. But clearly he wasn’t going to be satisfied until he took down the Hive god by himself.

Destiny Update Removes Crotas End Exploits

The main strategy for soloing Crota’s End as a warlock appears relatively unchanged in the video, only the Crota fight itself requires a lot more patience. Basically, the player used a combination of Radiance grenades and Gjallarhorn rockets to bring Crota down, and only goes in for one set of sword hits. After that, they switch to Red Death to revive health, before switching back to the original setup.

This strategy likely required a lot of planning and testing, because the player needed to be able to kill Crota in the brief window between when he enrages and when he gets back up from kneeling. With a full fireteam, you simply go back in for another round of hits after he enrages, but this player couldn’t do that.

Ultimately, this Crota’s End raid is easily one of the more impressive Destiny feats that don’t involve something silly like driving a Sparrow through Vault of Glass. It shows how much thought players put into what they can and can’t do in the game, and their determination to prove that the impossible is possible. However, the key to this run seems to be the Warlock grenades during radiance, and therefore it will be interesting to see if a Titan or Hunter can solo the hard mode raid as well.

Do you think you could solo Crota’s End on hard? Where does this rank in impressive Destiny feats?

Source: The Legend Himself

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