Destiny‘s Upcoming update arriving alongside The Dawning live event will buff Skeleton Key drops, fix some issues from the launch of Rise of Iron, and more.

Iron Banner may be the activity of the week in Destiny, but the game will get a shot in the arm next week when The Dawning goes live. The Dawning live event will bring Sparrow Racing League back to the game along with the new addition of Strike Scoring. Releasing alongside the event will be Destiny‘s next update, officially numbered 2.5.0.

Within Update 2.5.0, which Bungie previewed today in its weekly blog, is a change that will help players get their hands on the elusive Skeleton Key item a little more easily. After Update 2.5.0 drops, players are guaranteed a Skeleton Key by completing the weekly Nightfall. This is account-based, not character-based, meaning players will get it on their first Nightfall clear of the week, and not on any subsequent runs on their alternate characters. In addition, the drop rates for Skeleton Keys will be “slightly increased” in the SIVA Crisis Playlist, SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist, and in the Nightfall. Just as a little pro-tip, the SIVA Crisis Playlist seems to be the best place to farm Skeleton Keys.

In addition to the change to Skeleton Keys, Bungie confirmed a story we reported on earlier that Uncommon (Green) engrams will automatically dismantle into materials upon pick up. This will be in Update 2.5.0 and is a feature automatically applied to any character that is Level 40.

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Another feature coming in this update involves the Trials of Osiris vendor, Brother Vance. Passage Coins and Motes of Light will be able to be purchased from Brother Vance in exchange for materials. These materials will likely cycle on a weekly basis, like the material exchange system does for all the vendors.

The last change coming in Update 2.5.0 that Bungie previewed is that players will be able to repurchase the class-specific Legendary weapons gained in the Gunsmith’s Rank 2 quest. If for some reason a player dismantled their Stillpiercer, Immobius, or Susanoo, it can be bought again from the Gunsmith.

There will be more changes coming in Update 2.5.0 with full patch notes being published at the time of its release on Tuesday, December 13th at 10 a.m. Pacific. That is also the launch time of The Dawning event.

In addition to Sparrow Racing League and Strike Scoring, The Dawning will bring new gear, exotics, and Ornaments to Destiny.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is required to play The Dawning and is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.