Since introducing microtransactions into Destiny a couple of years ago, Bungie has found a lucrative, if controversial feature in the game. With Destiny 2 now on the horizon, many fans have had to come to terms with the fact that not only is this premium currency not transferring, but the items it purchases are not either. For fans continuing to play Destiny, a new issue has reared its head and has quickly become a widespread issue negatively impacting Bungie’s in-game microtransaction service.

According to the increasing number of reports, the issue is impacting PlayStation 4 players who purchase the in-game currency known as Silver. After spending real money on this premium currency, Silver Sync Pending errors appear after logging into Destiny instead of the expected amount of currency. The issue has also recently become a widespread issue on the Bungie help forums as many new posts have been created highlighting this new issue.

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Worse yet, no one seems to be able to pinpoint where the issue stems from. Sony is refusing to refund players the lost amount of money, saying the issue is on Bungie’s end, while many players on the Bungie forums have been pointing the finger back at Sony saying it’s a console issue. Officially however, Bungie has yet to release any sort of official statement at the time of this post and with a major American holiday occurring on Tuesday, it may be a while before fans get an answer.

Even though Bungie recently admitted that the majority of the studio has transitioned over to the sequel for time and that Destiny wouldn’t be getting any further updates, there is reason for hope. Cosmo23, one of the community managers on Destiny responded to the threat, saying that they will be looking into the matter. It may not a definitive resolution, but at least Bungie is actively investigating.

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Destiny is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Source: Reddit; Bungie Forums