Destiny Player Solos Siege Engine on Heroic Difficulty

Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Wrath of the Machine Raid - Death Zamboni

Destiny challenge legend Slayerage completes the Siege Engine encounter in the new Wrath of the Machine raid solo with the help of a very useful trick.

After nearly two months of players thinking it could never be done, one Destiny player has finally completed the Siege Engine encounter solo. Even more impressive than that, the individual in question was able to complete the Heroic Mode version of the encounter.

Those who are invested in the Destiny challenge community can probably guess that Slayerage was the first to solo the Siege Machine, but he didn’t do it alone. In fact, Slayerage enlisted the help of community member Dr. Frankie in order to script a TAS code for a very specific action.

Essentially, Slayerage needed a macro that would pick up one of the Siege Engine parts and trigger a ‘Blink’ jump in perfect synchronization – a set of actions that must be completed within .33 seconds of each other in order to work correctly. It's not impossible to do manually, but a macro was the only reliable way for Slayerage to guarantee he was going to be able to pick up the Siege Engine part and blink.


Of course, the assistance of the macro will call into question the legitimacy of Slayerage’s feat, and will set others on a quest to one up him. Yes, he completed the Siege Machine solo, but the use of a macro will likely have some saying the run is not legit. Nevertheless, the strategy created and the execution is still impressive, and Slayerage deserves all the credit for completing the run first.

There is also the question of whether or not the solo run can be completed on the Normal difficulty, which is arguably harder than Heroic. Since Heroic adds a Splicer Tank and a few other twists to deal with, the raid encounter actually has a longer timer for completion, whereas the normal mode is shorter and more straightforward. We know that Slayerage can complete Siege Machine solo on Heroic, but can he also do it on Normal?

Whenever the Destiny community thinks that something can’t be done, at least one member surprises everyone and proves it can. Given the mechanics of raid boss fights like the Oryx encounter in King’s Fall, for example, no one thought that it would ever be possible to solo the fight, and yet someone did figure out a way. Similarly, it seemed impossible to beat the Vosik fight in Wrath of the Machine with less than 3 people, and then a two-man video surfaced.

At this point, it’s probably best to stop doubting the determination of the Destiny community, and focus on its accomplishments instead. People like Slayerage are always going to be around, and fans should be on the lookout for their next impressive feat.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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