Destiny Players Discover Instant Shoulder Charge Glitch for Titans

Although the developers at Bungie have likely shifted focus almost completely to Destiny 2, a new glitch has surfaced in the first game that will need attention. Players have discovered that it is possible for a Striker Titan to get its Shoulder Charge ability off without ever building the necessary momentum.

It’s unclear whether the glitch was unlocked in Destiny or if it was there all along, but this weekend several players began to point it out. And with it, a player can go from a quick sprint to a one-hit kill melee with only a few button presses. Rest assured we won’t explain exactly how to do the instant shoulder charge glitch; this post is more of a heads-up to those playing Crucible this weekend.

Granted, the glitch is not something that will be very useful in the Crucible, but it could cause problems under the right circumstances. If a player were hiding around a corner, for example, they could pop an unsuspecting player with the shoulder charge and there would be nothing they could do about it. But since the glitch isn’t an actual, instant shoulder charge – the player still needs to sprint a bit – it may not be very game-breaking.

From our perspective, what makes the shoulder charge ability so deadly is that it can be triggered as the Titan flies by from any angle. They may not be as agile as Hunters, but Titans are fast and when one can one-hit kill a player with a shoulder charge that isn’t always easy to contend with. However, a player standing still on the ground and then instantly shoulder charging is likely never to kill anyone.

Destiny Crucible Titan Shotgun

Nevertheless, this is a glitch and players can expect Destiny developer Bungie will address the issue and have it fixed eventually. How quickly that will be is unclear, but it might be better to get the glitch out of the game before next week's Iron Banner, as there will be even more players in The Crucible.

As we said, it may not seem like a problem at first glance, but the instant shoulder glitch may unveil larger exploits in the game. If nothing else, expect Bungie to confirm it’s aware of the glitch and how the devs plan to address it.

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