Bungie will reward helpful players in Destiny, announcing today they are working on a new Refer-a-friend program that will recognize those who assist others in the game.

Destiny is in what Bungie and players call Year Two, a state of the game that is a far cry from the original that launched in 2014. Over the past 14 months, Destiny has seen two smaller expansions, one major expansion, and countless patches and updates. So much has changed that jumping in at this point might seem daunting, but with Christmas around the corner, there is bound to be an influx of new players.

For those veteran players in the Destiny community who help new Kinderguardians (as they’re called by the community), there’s something in it for them. Bungie teased today in their Weekly Update that helpful players will be rewarded for their efforts.

We’re planning something new to recognize and reward the Sherpas among you. We are calling it Refer-a-Friend. Maybe you have a friend who will be getting Destiny as a gift this season. Perhaps their gift-giver will even be picking it up for them at a holiday sale coming to a store near you. If you intend to show them the way to the mountaintop, we’ll have new rewards aimed at recognizing your service to the Kinderguardian.

“Sherpa” is a term used in the community for players who guide and teach other less-experienced players in Destiny, especially through its harder end-game, team-based content such as the raids and Trials of Osiris. It’s unclear if this system will only reward those who help newer users in Destiny, or if it will reward anyone deemed a helpful player. Destiny already has an in-game reporting tool that allows a player to report someone who is cheating or has a bad connection, but it also has the option to give positive feedback, reporting players as helpful or highly-skilled. It’s possible that this could also play into the Refer-a-Friend program and its rewards.


Bungie says they are putting the finishing touches on the Refer-a-Friend program and that they will officially reveal all the details soon. However, they also hinted that some of the details will most likely be revealed by data miners once the November update goes live on Tuesday. Even though this new feature will most likely come with the December Update, next week’s patch will either lay the groundwork for the new program or possibly contain a listing for the reward item (allowing it be datamined).

Bungie has always called Destiny a social game, and this reward program could encourage its user base to be even friendlier and more helpful to one another. It will be interesting to see how the new system works, its rewards, and how it affects the active players of Destiny.

Also coming next week is the return of Iron Banner, which will now feature the Clash game type. It will also fix the Crucible reward system, which Bungie discovered was bugged last month.

What are the biggest questions you want answered about Destiny‘s Refer-a-Friend program?

Source: Bungie