Destiny Players Discover Game Breaking PvP Glitch

Destiny Shadowshot PvE

Destiny’s Patch 2.0.1 issued earlier this week introduced many changes into the game, including the removal of shotguns’ Shot Package perk and changes to the economy. As is common when patches come to a game, bugs and glitches get introduced, such as Iron Banner’s Tempered buff (which provides reputation boosts that increase through the week) simply not working right now.

Annoying for sure, but Destiny players have discovered another bug that could be game breaking. It allows those playing as the new Hunter Nightstalker subclass to gain infinite use of their Shadowshot super ability, which kills and tethers enemies, knocking them out of their Supers if active. This is especially a problem as Iron Banner is live right now, ruining the competitive experience for many players.

Discovery of the exploit (which appears to have been discovered by accident) was posted on the Destiny subreddit and quickly spread through the community. It involves setting up the Nightstalker with a specific piece of gear and perks. When a player equips the exotic helmet Graviton Forfeit and selects the Quiver perk on the subclasses skill tree, it allows the player to activate their super, fire off a few void arrows, enter the Character screen, and then have a full super bar once returning to the game.


 Reports are frequent of the exploit being used in Iron Banner, but players are even more concerned how it might impact Trials of Osiris, which returns to Destiny tomorrow. If left unfixed, Trials of Osiris could be ruined.

Unleash a Nightstalker in the mode, and he could wipe out teams, round after round, using the exploit. Trials is easily the most competitive, “end game” PvP content in the game, which yields raid-level gear. There have been cheaters in the mode before, and this could put a serious damper on what was an exciting time for players.

Bungie says they saw the exploit shortly after it was discovered, know about the problem, and are investigating:


The real question is how soon it can be fixed. The community is hoping Bungie will issue a hotfix ahead of Trials of Osiris’s launch at 10 a.m. Pacific tomorrow to remove the exploit.

This isn’t the first time Bungie has had to deal with subclass exploits. Just a few weeks ago, Bungie fixed an issue with Sunbreaker Titans that allowed them to “hammer spam” their super ability. And in a similar situation to the current unlimited Shadowshot glitch, back in June it was discovered that the Gunslinger subclass could quickly regenerate their super by stacking the “Ashes to Asset” perk while using Swarm Grenades. That Gunslinger glitch was discovered just before a Trials of Osiris weekend and wasn’t fixed until the following week.

Looking at Bungie’s hotfix history, it’s going to take serious work on their part to issue a solution for the Shadowshot bug. Bungie has put out an update almost every week since the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, so it’s probably safe to assume one will come next week at the latest, but players will have to wait to see if Bungie can get it solved before tomorrow.

Have you used the infinite Shadowshot glitch? Have you been on the receiving end of it?

Source: Destiny subreddit

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