A Destiny fan creates a Twitter account that matches shaders from the game with birds that share a similar color pattern, and it’s blowing up in the community.

To outsiders, Destiny fans must seem like they speak a different language. Spend time with them and you’ll hear words coming out of their mouths such as Vault of Glass, Crota, Motes of Light, and Xur. In a way, it is another language. It’s the talk of the Destiny community who have a common experience with Bungie’s shared world shooter.

And that talk doesn’t stay in the game. Fans take that conversation outside of the game, and one of the places they do that is Twitter. There, one can find fan-made Twitter accounts for a myriad of characters, weapons, and even shaders from Destiny.

There’s a newcomer to the scene—one fan has created not a Twitter parodying a specific person or object, but one that matches the game’s shaders (items in-game that allow players to change the colors of their armor) with birds that share a similar color pattern.

The account, @destinyborbs, was just created in January by a fan in Finland, whose personal account is @aauryx. Each day, a new combination of Destiny shader and matching bird is tweeted. The results are pretty spectacular.

Like this Snowy Owl, paired with the Chatterwhite shader, a reward for beating Destiny‘s first raid, the Vault of Glass.

#20 Chatterwhite, Snowy Owl pic.twitter.com/IFEr8LPDxk
— birber (@destinyborbs) February 10, 2016

Or this, the Beltane shader (rewarded for collecting all 50 Calcified Fragments) matched with the Masked Trogon.

14# Beltane, Masked Trogon pic.twitter.com/XKdabRHEEH
— birber (@destinyborbs) February 4, 2016

Other favorites include the flashy SRL-exclusive Midnight Lumos and equally bright crest of the Anna’s Hummingbird, The Taken King pre-order exclusive Suros Minimalist and the Crimson Chat, and the Glowhoo (rewarded for felling Crota on Hard Mode) and the Green honeycreeper.

#3 Midnight Lumos, Anna's Hummingbird pic.twitter.com/3Tt1HQpSft
— birber (@destinyborbs) January 25, 2016

#1 Glowhoo, Green honeycreeper pic.twitter.com/rXGMqJOpmB— birber (@destinyborbs) January 25, 2016

The account started small with very few followers, but then it was posted on the Destiny subreddit and many of Bungie’s employees noticed it and started tweeting it out as well. It didn’t take long for about 2,500 people to hit that follow button.

Even while some fans are feeling burned out on Destiny, things like this prove it’s all fun and games. Despite the new live event this week, Crimson Days, Destiny is in a pretty lengthy content drought right now. But at least the game’s community is finding a way to stick together and have fun, like rallying around this new humorous Twitter account. And with Activision’s earnings call happening later today, fans may get some roadmap of what’s ahead of Destiny.

What is your favorite shader/bird combo? How are you getting through Destiny‘s current content gap?

Source: @destinyborbs on Twitter